Copy AI Review 2023: Pricing, Pros, And Cons

Copy AI Review 2023

If you read this article, you may be a writer or a content creator.

And if you are, let us discuss a joint pain shared by everyone working in any creative niche:

Creative Block.

Let’s admit that only some people can be creative every day.

No matter how creative you are, there are days when you feel short of ideas, but as they say, the show must go on.

Despite the hurdles that sometimes creep in, we all have tasks to complete within a timeframe.

But gone are the days when you can not help but wait for the phase to pass.

While you sit back and get your creative form revived again, these days, AI tools can get you going with your deadlines.

You can take ideas from these tools and make the content-creating process breezy.

We are here to talk about a similar AI tool- Copy AI.

Let’s investigate the details and find out what this artificial intelligence got. Presenting you with a copy AI review:


Copy AI: Everything You Need To Know

Copy AI is an artificial intelligence-based writing platform that helps you create natural content like human writing.

If you are a regular writer, you might have faced phases where you get short of ideas, and that’s where tools like this come to play.

It can help you get started.

You can take help with bullet points around which you can create your content, or you can come over here with bullet points and get a complete article created, and you can select the most appropriate option that you find fit.

Copy AI can create ideas in over 25 languages, and the fields that you can get help in are numerous; some of them can be listed as:

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● Blogs

● Social media management

● Marketing

● Emails

● Freelance writing

● Businesses

● Startups

● E-commerce

● Advertisements

There are numerous templates and styles to choose from here.

Sometimes you generate something here and get an original idea by looking at the templates and the different options developed here.

This way, too, sometimes Copy AI saves your day.


Copy AI is currently available in two plans per the requirements of the contents that should be created through it.

The first option is the free plan, and the second one is paid, which is quite affordable, and on top of that, you can use the latest Copy ai discount codes to access the discounts.

1. Copy AI Free plan

This is a free plan from Copy AI, and you can access several features in this plan, like 2000 words of any content, a single user seat, and around 100 templates; along with these, you can also get a 7-day free pro plan trial.

2. Copy AI pro

This is the paid plan that caters to all the features that this tool bag has. The features include:

● 40K to 300K words per month

● Five user seats

● Over 100 templates to choose from

● Unlimited categories of projects to work for

● Over 25 languages

● Access to the latest features, including the Blog Wizard tool

Copy AI Pro is available for $49/ month, which helps you with around 40K words. Another option is 300K words for $279/ month.

Apart from these options, you can reach out for customized deals for the word limits beyond these options.

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If you are still trying to decide whether to go for a paid plan, let’s get into more detail about this Copy AI review to get a clearer picture.

Copy AI review: honest talk.

Like any other AI tool, copy AI has pros and cons, but the best thing is that it is being worked upon for improvement. Let’s inspect the pros and cons separately:


Variety in templates: Copy AI treats you with a buffet of templates. You have to generate a long article around an outline or need a catchy title for your article; this tool has covered you all. You can trust this tool for creating content ranging from youtube ads to digital scripts, from social media selling posts to product descriptions, and anything in between that’s possible.

Authenticity and relevance: You will get relevant content, and the results will follow your requirements. Authenticity is assured for each chunk that this tool generates.

Diverse language options: If you work with overseas clients, language must be a concern for you as knowing every language is humanly impossible, but that is why we have such tools. Write your words in the language you are well versed in, and Copy AI to do the rest.

Chrome extension: This feature is a savior for those who switch between several tabs while working and need to have many windows opened on board. The Chrome extension helps you by using this tool alongside the main window on which you work.

In-built plagiarism checker: This is an AI writing tool’s best feature. You don’t need to sign in to another plag-checking tool and open another tab, as copy AI has covered you on this too.

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As we are up for an honest Copy AI review, let’s discuss the areas where this tool can be worked upon to make it even better:

Sometimes irrelevant: since AI is a new arrival in the market, it is still a ‘work in progress.’ You may get irrelevant content periodically, and a few spelling errors and punctuation glitches must be fixed manually or through apps like Grammarly or others.

A few features are only for paid users: A few essential elements that make it stand out, like the inbuilt plagiarism checker, are accessible to paid users only.

AI content can be identified: You can always use these tools as an assistant or fix the writer’s block phase, but you can not hire it as a full-fledged writer for yourself as different tools can distinguish between human-created and AI-generated content. The best way to use it is as a tool to get ideas and to get an appropriate template.


Copy AI is a tool that helps you get creative work done without hassle. It walks you out of the blues of a creative block. Whenever you feel stuck in your creative sprint, this tool can be a savior to you.

The tool is free, and a paid extension with valuable features is also on the list. The prices are affordable and worth it.

Although there are a lot of fields where it can be better, the best takeaway is that it is a work-in-progress thing, and it keeps improving with time.

That is all for this segment of copy ai review; we hope it helps. Stay tuned for more informative articles.