Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Significant Benefits of SMS Notifications Services:

Numerous industries have acknowledged the substantial advantages of SMS marketing in corporate communication. However, the complete potential of SMS marketing remains untapped. Until recently, text messages were predominantly utilized for personal communication purposes. In light of the global pandemic, businesses have begun to recognize the potential of SMS messaging as a marketing tool for the future.

It is widely recognized that effective communication has been a critical aspect since ancient times. A company that effectively manages its commuting operations has a competitive advantage over its rivals. For an eCommerce enterprise that aims to enhance customer retention through its services, the conventional communication method of “SMS” is the most effective means of reaching out to customers.

Key Advantages of SMS Marketing That You Should Be Aware Of

  • The implementation of SMS notifications has been shown to improve customer loyalty.

Utilizing sms notification service for business is an effective method to foster customer engagement and cultivate customer loyalty. In today’s fast-paced world, a concise and informative SMS notification regarding the status of an order is a fitting solution for individuals with busy schedules. SMS notifications such as order confirmation, dispatch confirmation, delivery confirmation, and other related updates serve to keep customers engaged and satisfied.

Implementing a system that sends real-time SMS notifications to customers regarding each stage of their order can enhance the overall customer experience and also aid an eCommerce enterprise in minimizing inbound queries. When a seller provides customers with exceptional service and pampering, it can increase their loyalty, likelihood of returning, and the likelihood of recommending the seller to others.

  • The utilization of SMS notifications enables an eCommerce business to expedite communication.
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One of the primary reasons for the popularity of SMS as a communication medium is its ability to provide updates seamlessly and without disrupting the recipient’s daily routine. With a single click, the SMS notification, which contains 160 characters, promptly delivers the necessary information.

  • The utilization of SMS notifications provides potential marketing opportunities in the future.

The modern customer who values quality service expects to receive timely and accurate information regarding their order delivery. After achieving a satisfactory score on order delivery, incorporating a loyalty or discount code within the order delivery SMS can potentially encourage repeat business from the customer. This approach not only amplifies the satisfaction of a contented customer but also mitigates the dissatisfaction of a discontented customer.

  • SMS has a higher open rate compared to other forms of communication.

In comparison to email notifications, SMS boasts a significantly higher open rate. This particular communication boasts an impressive open rate of 98%, surpassing its closest competitors in the email (20% open rate) and Twitter (29% open rate). This is primarily due to the fact that individuals tend to check their mobile devices approximately 150 times per day, particularly when they receive a notification or hear an incoming message alert.

  • The SMS notification system is dependable.

Similar to emails, SMS notifications do not encounter challenges with spam or filters, thereby guaranteeing a complete delivery to engaged mobile devices. Therefore, Short Message Service (SMS) can be considered a direct and unobstructed means of communication with your customers. There is nothing more thrilling for a customer than receiving their purchase, and receiving uninterrupted order notification SMS messages only adds to their excitement.

  • The utilization of SMS notifications can result in cost and time savings.
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The eCommerce industry owes gratitude to Matti Makkonen, the inventor of SMS, for his creation that has significantly reduced their operational costs and time. When compared to other modes of communication, SMS is the most cost-effective and efficient means of communication available.

Purchasing SMS services in bulk quantities can result in a cost of less than $0.0035 per SMS. Additionally, the use of SMS order notification plugins for eCommerce websites allows for automated messaging, with notifications being sent to customers in under one second. SMS messaging is an effective means of reaching all of your customers while remaining cost-effective. In the highly competitive eCommerce industry, it can be challenging for businesses to thrive without implementing SMS notifications.

  • Short Message Service (SMS) facilitates the adaptation of evolving user behaviors.

Short Message Service (SMS) is a communication channel that has been available since the inception of the mobile phone industry. This particular mode or application has demonstrated superior adaptability to evolving mobile platforms and operating systems compared to its counterparts. In addition to its effectiveness as a standalone channel, SMS has the potential to enhance the promotion of other marketing mediums, including eCommerce apps, social media, and email.

  • The SMS order notification provides a realistic experience.

As a hypothetical customer who has not received an order confirmation despite making an online payment, one may experience a sense of being deceived. The implementation of SMS notifications in eCommerce facilitates the connection between the digital and physical realms. Receiving a prompt SMS confirmation of your order can provide a sense of satisfaction comparable to physically possessing the purchased item. Subsequent SMS updates on the status of your order can help maintain this feeling until delivery.

  • SMS does not rely on internet connectivity.
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Although email and messaging applications have become prevalent in society, they are constrained by factors such as internet data expenses, mobile hardware prerequisites, and membership restrictions. A user has the option to disable their mobile internet connection in order to conserve battery life or reduce data usage costs. In contrast, SMS utilizes the standard mobile network and is not reliant on the internet or any other technical factors, thereby enabling accessibility to anyone in contemporary society. As mobile devices are typically kept powered on throughout the day, utilizing SMS notifications ensures timely delivery of critical order-related updates to your customers.

  • The utilization of SMS can potentially decrease instances of eCommerce cart abandonment.

Implementing an SMS notification system can effectively address such scenarios. By configuring your eCommerce website’s SMS Notification Plugin, you can promptly send a discount code via SMS to a customer who has left items in their cart without completing the purchase. This initiative is effective in enticing hesitant customers to return to the website and finalize their purchase, thereby decreasing the abandonment rate.


As the eCommerce industry becomes increasingly competitive, it is imperative to manage expenses while maintaining a high level of service quality in order to remain competitive. Incorporating a send sms notification plugin into your website is a prudent and essential measure. It is worth noting that eCommerce industry leaders continue to utilize SMS as their primary communication channel for marketing and servicing their customers.