4 Common Causes of a Broken Car Window and How to Prevent Them

You’re driving along one day when you notice your rearview mirror has fogged up. As you clear it off and take a second glance, you see the car window has a crack.

In most cases, a broken car window is a bad sign. It isn’t a sign that your family ghost decided to visit you, but rather a result of outside or internal forces.

We’ll dig into common causes of broken car windows and how to prevent them below.


1. Impact from Debris

Driving on the road means your car is always open to flying debris. Anything can hit your window. These can range from small pebbles to larger rocks, and even pieces of metal.

This is an even bigger issue when you’re driving behind large trucks or construction vehicles. This is because they often kick up loose debris.

To prevent car window issues due to this, maintain a safe distance from such vehicles. Also, when parking your car, choose places away from trees or construction zones. These simple strategies can keep your car windows safe from unexpected damage.

2. Extreme Temperature Changes

In hot weather, your car window can absorb heat and expand. On colder days, it may contract. This cycle of expanding and contracting can cause stress to the glass, leading to cracks over time.

It’s more likely to happen if there’s already a small chip in your window. When it’s hot, try to park in the shade or use a sun shield to limit heat absorption.

During the cold months, warm up your car slowly. These steps can help prevent damage from extreme temperatures.

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3. Vandalism and Theft

Unexpected incidents of vandalism and theft are unfortunate realities for many car owners. Your car window might get broken as burglars try to gain access to your vehicle or simply as an act of pointless destruction.

Parking in well-lit areas or installing a car alarm system are some of the ways you can deter potential thieves and vandals. Another effective strategy is to avoid leaving valuable items in plain sight within your car. By doing these, you can reduce the risk of your car window falling victim to vandalism or theft.

4. Poor Installation Practices

If a window isn’t fitted properly or the right materials aren’t used, it can cause stress on the glass. This pressure, over time, can lead to cracks or outright breakage.

To avoid prevent window damage, always get professional help when replacing a car window. Ensure the team handling your car windows is qualified and that they use high-quality materials.

This is also important when looking for car window repairs. Be sure to only go for trusted and experienced glass window repair services.

Also, it’s wise to get a warranty for the work done. This way, if the window breaks due to poor installation, you can have it fixed at no extra cost.

Deal With Broken Car Window Causes Today

Dealing with a broken car window can be a nuisance. But taking care of it promptly is important for your safety and the security of your belongings.

Don’t hesitate to assess the cause and find a solution from a trusted automotive professional. Take action with responsible car ownership today.

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