4 Considerations for Choosing a University Major

4 Considerations for Choosing a University Major

There are many major choices in universities in Australia, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that students have many major choices and are able to choose the majors they are interested in; the disadvantage is that there are too many choices and people do not know how to choose. On the other hand, since the selection of majors will directly affect the study and life in the next few years and the future careers, there are many aspects that need to be carefully considered when choosing a university major.


4 Considerations for Choosing a University Major

1. Interests and expertise

When choosing majors, it is best to follow your own interests and expertise. At the same time, you must also evaluate your own scores, understand the university’s admission scores and compulsory subject requirements in previous years, and estimate the number of admissions chances.

For example, engineering majors generally require students to take mathematics and science in high school; physical therapy and dentistry require students to have high English proficiency (full IELTS score of 7); reading education as a teacher even requires IELTS scores of 7/8, so you need to plan well in high school – choosing the right subject, and practicing more English, so as not to miss the opportunity to study your favorite subject.

2. Subject ranking

Understanding the characteristics of each university will help you select your favorite majors. Usually the university will be selected with reference to the university rankings. But in fact, it is more important to refer to the subject rankings. Australia’s “Group of Eight” is world-renowned. They are the dream institutions of higher education for many parents and students.

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However, these universities have their own strong subjects and disadvantaged subjects. For example, the University of Queensland has a research base near the Great Barrier Reef, so it has outstanding performance in marine and environmental sciences; The Australian National University is located in the capital Canberra, which is home to many important national institutions, including the Parliament Building, the Ministry of Defense, etc. Therefore, the school is good at humanities. It has cultivated many politicians, writers, and Nobel Prize winners.

It should be noted that in addition to the “Group of Eight”, there are still many institutions offering excellent courses, such as the aeronautics courses offered by The University of South Australia. The university is the first institution to offer aeronautics courses has its own training base. Many international airlines have chosen to conduct pilot training here; Queensland University of Technology’s research strength in the field of communication and culture is at the top of Australia, and there is also a creative industry zone, which provides students with practical space for artistic creation.

For more courses provided by different Australian universities, please check via Course Finder.

3. Affordability

Consider your own financial affordability. The length of study for an Australian degree ranges from 3 to 5 years. Certain majors such as medicine and business are more expensive; professional majors such as architecture and psychology have to complete a master’s degree to be eligible for registration; in addition, there are also many students who need to connect to a university degree through English classes, basic classes or diplomas. The longer the term, the more the cost of living.

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4. Immigration plan

Some students will consider staying in Australia to work after graduation and then apply for immigration to Australia through skilled immigration. In this case, you must consider choosing a major that is required by the Australian labor market. Currently, popular immigration professions include nurses, social workers, engineers, surveyors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, carpenters, auto repairers, chefs, etc. Immigration through study is a relatively low-cost and feasible way, but immigration policies are constantly changing. So before enrolling, you should weigh the risks and try to choose some majors that have long-term needs in Australia Keka com software is developed to help in the HR-related activities of the organizations. .

While choosing a major, you are strongly recommended to take these 4 factors into consideration. Even if making choice in this way will take you more time, it will not make you regret it in the future.