4 Ideas for Branded Shirts That Sell for 2021

4 Ideas for Branded Shirts That Sell for 2021

If you want to create a branded shirts business, choosing a niche or specialty is a good way to stand out from the competition. One profitable route you can take is to focus on promo tees.

Businesses from all different types of industries use branded t-shirts as customer and employee gifts, especially when hosting events. Worn out and about, they also help promote the business, especially service-based ones that hire contractors.

With this in mind, read on to learn our top four ideas for promotional shirts that sell in 2021!

1. Using Logos

A simple service you can offer your customers is creating custom t-shirts based on the business’s logos. Logos are great visuals to use for t-shirts because they’re typically bold, colorful, and can pack a punch in only a few short seconds of viewing.

T-shirts that have too much promotional text can look like an advertisement, but t-shirts with simple logos can look interesting and even modern depending on the logo. You also have the option of choosing to offer a large, centered logo on the shirt or a small one that just appears on the upper left or right.

Lastly, businesses that don’t have logos can be referred to a logo maker app.

2. Event T-Shirts

Companies often put on events throughout the year could offer shirts as part of their gifts and offerings. These shirts typically include a graphic that features the event’s name, an illustration and the date of the event.


This acts as a memorable time capsule as well as an item that employees and clients alike can collect.

3. Color Palette T-Shirts

All up-and-coming, as well as established businesses, should have a color palette that they use exclusively for their brand. For businesses that need professionally branded t-shirts for contractors or gifts for clients, you can offer minimalistic shirts that feature business’ colors palettes.

For instance, consider offering multi-colored shirts that fade from one color to the other. You can also use abstract shapes and geometric forms with the color palette options the business provides.

4. Bold Slogan T-Shirts

Many new tech companies have a bold company culture and personality. With this in mind, consider adding t-shirts with slogans to your portfolio. Consider using a strong, sans-serif font for these slogans and make them large enough so that someone far away can read them.

You may also want to place the slogan on the shirt in a creative way instead of right in the center of the chest, such as near the torso area or across the back.

Offer Branded Shirts Today

Consider focusing on a niche for your t-shirt business in order to stand out from the competition. When it comes to promo t-shirts for companies, businesses often buy in bulk and or looking for simple and attractive options for their t-shirts.

With a strong website and eye for design, you can attract the attention of businesses throughout the country with branded shirts and unique designs.

Ready for more tips on ramping up your business? Keep reading the blog for more tips!

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