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5 Most Searched Textile Stocks on Google

5 Most Searched Textile Stocks on Google

History has always held India in high regard for its textile industry, notably the early cotton business. The textile sector in India continues to stand out, boasting an unrivaled blend of quality, variety, and a skilled workforce.

As a savvy trader delving into the world of online share trading, you could find a goldmine of potential in the Indian textile sector.

This discussion aims to dissect the intricate web of the Indian textile industry, presenting you with some of the top textile stocks worth your consideration.

With various choices, let’s embark on a journey to navigate the Indian textile stocks, pinpointing those with the potential to reward your trading ventures.


1. Trident

You may have been looking into textile stocks recently, and chances are, Trident Ltd. has come across your radar. This impressive company, born in 1990, belongs to the Trident group, boasting a worth exceeding three billion dollars. Trident’s key products include yarn and bath & bed linen.

Their operations also span into Wheat Straw-based Paper, Chemicals, and Captive Power manufacturing. The company is globally acclaimed as the largest terry towels manufacturer, ranks second in home textiles, and is India’s third-largest yarn manufacturer.

Trident’s aggressive expansion strategies include RS. 1,140 crore worth of projects to boost their yarn, sheeting, and power generation capacities.

2. KPR Mills

In your search, you might have also stumbled upon KPR Mills Limited. This vertically integrated textile giant established its foundation in Coimbatore, India, back in 1984.


The company’s vast product range spans yarns, fabric, garments, white crystalline sugar, and even ethanol. As of May 17, 2023, KPR Mill Limited had a share price of Rs. 575.55, making it one of the most searched textile stocks online.

Despite industry hurdles, the company retains a robust reputation for quality, steadily broadening its presence in the global textile market.

  • KPR Mills Share Price as of May 2023: ₹ 550 +
  • Market Cap: ₹196.00 billion

3. Raymond

Raymond Limited is another heavyweight in the textile industry. Since its inception in 1925, Raymond has risen to a prominent position, currently valued at approximately $105 billion.

This private textile company claims the title of the largest integrated fabric manufacturer globally, commanding over 60% market share in the suit segment.

Besides, Raymond is the proud owner of renowned brands like Parx, Park Avenue, and Kama Sutra. With its heritage, high-quality products, and sturdy business model, Raymond is poised to maintain its market dominance.

4. Lux Industries

Lux Industries Limited, founded in 1957 and based in Kolkata, is a leading manufacturer of undergarments for all genders and ages.

With a diverse portfolio, including Lux Cozi, One8, GenX, ONN, and Lyra, Lux caters to a range of tastes and preferences. Lux Cozi has carved out a considerable market share in India.

Lux Industries solid performance has made it one of the most frequently searched textile stocks on Google.

  • Lux Industries Share Price as of May 2023: ₹ 1,440 +
  • Market Cap: ₹43.49 billion
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5. Welspun India

Lastly, let’s not overlook Welspun India Ltd. This company, established in 1985, has evolved into a formidable player in the international home textile arena.

Welspun’s broad product portfolio encompasses towels, bathrobe sheets, bedding, and carpets. Interestingly, 84% of the company’s revenue is from exports, with the USA contributing 67% and Europe 17%.

India accounts for a mere 7% of its revenue. Major global retailers like Walmart, Costco, Kohls’s, Ikea, and Bed Bath & Beyond rely on Welspun India for their supplies. Keep an eye on this company if you’re invested in the textile industry.

  • Welspun India Share Price as of May 2023: ₹ 90 +
  • Market Cap: ₹91.00 billion


As you learn about online stock buying, looking at the 5 most-searched textile stocks on Google can teach you a lot about possible investments.

The Indian textile business is a good place for traders to put their money because it has a long history, good craftsmanship, and a skilled workforce.

By keeping an eye on the top textile stocks, you can stay on top of market trends and make smart choices. Remember that studying and analysis are very important when it comes to trading.