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5 Side Hustles That Pay Weekly

Are you tired of waiting for your paycheck each month? Dreaming of more autonomy and flexibility in your daily life. Do you want your financial concerns and anxieties to stop haunting you?

Simply having a full-time job today, unfortunately, isn’t enough to secure your own financial security. You need to make that extra effort to pursue other income sources, get an online side hustle, and earn extra money on the weekends.

Are you wondering which are the side hustles that pay weekly? Read on to learn more!

Let’s get into it!


1. Food Delivery Driver

It can be done on the driver’s schedule and often does not require more than a few hours a week to make money. For those looking to make residual income, food delivery can be a great side hustle that pays every week.

With the rise in online food ordering, there are more opportunities than ever to provide food delivery services to people. You don’t need a lot of experience, as most delivery companies require you to take an online course before being allowed to start driving.

2. Event Staff Worker

Event staff workers provide essential services for event organizers and ensure the success of events. These workers may assist with setting up and breaking down events, as well as supervising the event, monitoring safety, and providing customer service.

It offers a flexible schedule that fits with an individual’s lifestyle and can pay up to $20 per hour. It entails working in various venues, from stadiums to music festivals, selling tickets, guiding audiences, and Food/Beverage services.

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3. Online Tutor

Online tutoring is a great side hustle that pays weekly. It is one of the most flexible and lucrative jobs out there, offering an average of $18 – $24 per hour plus bonuses for successful sessions.

Tutors have the ability to work from home and even on the go with their laptops or tablets. It also provides tutors with an opportunity to connect with students from all walks of life and helps them build communication and mentoring skills.

4. Car Rental

Side hustles that pay weekly are great opportunities for anyone looking to supplement their income. Car rental is one example of a flexible side hustle that can reward their workers every week.

Many companies, such as Uber or Lyft, offer car rental services and even have benefits such as a car rental agreement, fuel allowance, and weekly payouts. By becoming an Uber Driver-Partner, you can earn money for renting your car to others.

5. Online Casino

One of the most lucrative side hustles is playing online casino games. With online casinos, players can make money quickly by playing a variety of games, including tables, cards, and slots, all of which offer varying levels of payouts.

Gaming is a great side hustle because it requires minimal investment and typically pays out weekly or even daily. Unlike other side hustles, income from playing online casinos can be relatively consistent and lucrative, depending on the choice of game and skill level.

Top Side Hustles That Pay Weekly

Side hustles that pay weekly are a great way to supplement income while having more flexibility in your working life. Whether it be walking dogs or selling homemade goods, there’s something out there for everyone.

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These side hustles can be both financially and personally rewarding, with some taking the step to pay you weekly. With such a variety of hustles out there, why not give it a go? Start finding the lucrative side hustle that works for you!

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