Delicious Brazilian Desserts to Satiate Her in this Christmas

7 Delicious Brazilian Desserts to Satiate Her in this Christmas!

7 Delicious Brazilian Desserts to Satiate Her in this Christmas: Christmas is the festival of sweet reckoning and spreading love among all. This has been the most awaited festival of the year. We all plan to celebrate this festival with joy, laughter and togetherness.

Different countries have different ways to celebrate Christmas. Some are unique with décor, some others are on rituals. And for food, nothing goes beyond the Brazilian mouth watering desserts. Girlfriends are fond of sweets, desserts that taste good, but are low in calorie.


 7 Most delicious Brazilian desserts to satiate her in this Christmas

7 Delicious Brazilian Desserts to Satiate Her in this Christmas!

1) Brigadeiro

It is the national truffle taste of the country. Brigadeiro is one of the most common desserts in Brazil. It was 1940s when for the first time this dessert has been given shape and taste. And since then, this savoury dessert is rocking the Christmas platters in this country.

arenteiro 1) Brigadeiro

The goofy chocolate makes it one of the best musings of this season. In this dessert, they put condensed milk, cocoa and butter. For the décor and topping, the upper layer is scattered with chocolate chips. Such a mouth melting delicacy will surely make your beloved girl can’t help but ask for more.

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2) Pudim

If your girl has been a fan of pudding, this dessert will make the Christmas more special for her. The concept of pudding came from this professional dish in Brazil named Pudim. It is very soft and can be found in different flavors. This Hispanic flan can be very easy to make. And the taste will surely blow your beloved’s mind.

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2) Pudim arenteiro

It literally melts in your mouth; it is that soft. To make her feel special, you can order best Christmas cake online like this pudim flavor. She will have the best time in life on this Christmas for your effort to make her taste traditional desserts from Brazil.

3) Tapioca Cake

This dessert has recently received recognition throughout the world, beyond Brazil, for its nutritional features. It is gluten free and carries high health quotient. Their origin is enrooted to the North Eastern coastal areas of Brazil.

3) Tapioca Cake arenteiro

This dessert is both available in sweet and savoury tastes. These pancakes are made from tapioca flour, extracted from cassava root. As per your taste, you can put the filling. For sweet taste, there is chocolate and condensed milk. And for savoury taste, there are fruits like guava, strawberry and etc.

4) Mousse de Maracuja

This is the easiest dessert in the making of Brazilian history of desserts. This lip smacking fruit mousse needs no baking or complicated procedure in making as it needs just three ingredients. Sweetened condensed milk, fresh cream and passion fruit make this dessert one of the best tasty Brazilian desserts.

4) Mousse de Maracuja  arenteiro

These are usually served in restaurants in shot glasses. This dessert makes you surprised with every bite as it releases fresh sweet and tangy taste in every bite. This is one of the oldest dessert recipes of Brazil’s history, still going strong and now it has globalized.

5) Cocada

Well, this one is a bit different from the others because this Cocada is more famous as a street food in Brazil than a dessert. These are oven baked golden brown goodies with a chewy and soft texture. If you try to make it in home, you can try condensed milk over water to make it taste a little different.

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5) Cocada  arenteiro

Other fruits and colors are also added to give it a better look along with the taste. And for garnishing, freshly chopped almonds are used. Christmas chocolate delivery Brazil are online sites from where you can get these in best quality.

6) Queijadinha

Coconut is the top prior ingredient to be used in Brazilian desserts to give it a unique taste and crunchy feeling. It has been there as the traditional dessert since the colonial period. It is sweet in taste and is prepared with least fuss.

6) Queijadinha  arenteiro

It is available in both flans as well as cake in cake shops. Sometimes, cheese is added to this dish going beyond the traditional recipe to give it a new and interesting change in flavor. You can order this delicious dessert from any Brazilian desserts near me online sites to get these in the most authentic form in good price.

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7) Pacoca

7) Pacoca  arenteiro

If your girl is fond of typical country dessert taste, this one from core Brazil is the best. This dessert is made of groundnut, cassava flour, sugar and salt. The most unique thing about this dessert is that unlike other popular desserts in Brazil, this one is in powdered form. It is very easy to make and is one of the favorite of the Brazilian. But you need to be very careful while having this dessert because it is dusty.

Christmas is a season of eatery and love. It is best to impress your beloved woman with the above delicious Brazilian desserts on this occasion.

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