7 Tips on Choosing the Best Local Pest Control Company

7 Tips on Choosing the Best Local Pest Control Company

Pests are a real problem for millions of homeowners in the United States, with over 14 million housing units reporting the presence of roaches. Roaches and rodents are unnerving when going about your routine, and it’s natural to seek a solution. The presence of these pests puts you and your family in harm’s way.

Bug bombing your home temporarily fixes your pest infestation, but hiring a local pest control company is best to eliminate the pests for good. Knowing what to look for when hiring local pest control services will help you get the best value and peace of mind.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this informative guide to tips when hiring a pest control service to rid your home of roaches, rodents, spiders, and more. Continue reading for seven valuable tips today!


1. Check the Licensing

Always check the licensing of the pest control provider when seeking help for your pest infestation. Pest control services are required by law to obtain and hold licensing for their services. They can’t do anything to eliminate pests in your home within the law if they lack the proper licensing.

Your state has records of licensed pest control companies, allowing them to keep these services accountable. Knowing they provide quality service, you’ll enjoy peace of mind when hiring a local pest control service. The license proves they’re trained and safe when handling pests in your home.

2. Ask About Experience

Licensing is an excellent start when creating a shortlist of local pest control companies, but their experience is also vital. The experience level of each option will tell you a lot about the quality of service you should expect. A pest control service with 20 years of experience has a long track record of success.

An experienced pest control service will also have the proper equipment to handle your pest issues. Check the websites of each option you’re considering to learn more about their experience levels. They can outline how they plan to deal with unwanted house guests, along with tips for DIY Pest Control.

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3. Read the Online Reviews

Two types of customers leave online reviews: those who are overwhelmingly happy with the service and those who are upset with the quality. Use online customer reviews to narrow your options and avoid services with primarily negative reviews.

Negative reviews are a red flag, especially if the local pest control company has not addressed and resolved the issue. You can trust that you’re making a wise investment when hiring pest control services with plenty of five-star reviews.

Google is an excellent resource when checking online reviews from past customers. You’ll understand what to expect when working with the local pest control service. The Better Business Bureau is another resource to use when sifting through pest control companies.

Only make a hire once you’ve read the online reviews. You can avoid headaches and hassles by researching for the best value.

4. Compare Pricing

Online reviews and experience are good barometers for finding quality pest control services, but it’s only possible to decide by comparing pricing. Reach out for quotes from your final options to find the best value. A pest control service with poor reviews but a low-cost estimate is one to avoid.

Creating a shortlist of three pest control services to compare each option is a good rule of thumb. Compare each option’s experience, reviews, and pricing to determine which offers the best value for your hard-earned money.

If a local pest control service offers an unbelievably low rate, it’s often a situation that’s too good to be true. Cutting corners will result in more money spent and a lingering pest issue.

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5. Guarantees

Look for guarantees from your local pest control options when preparing to make a hire. The best pest control companies know they provide quality work and will stand by it with guarantees. A pest control service that leaves work undone allows the pests to retake control of your home in the future.

Hire a pest control company that will stand by you and provide quality service no matter how difficult the task is. Ask about the quality guarantees each service provides when eliminating options. You deserve the best service when paying for the pest control service you hire.

6. Ask About Pest Control Products

Many pest control products harm humans and pets, and it’s fair to wonder what the pest control technician will use to get rid of the rodents in your kitchen. Ask about the technician’s methods and equipment to ensure a safe environment in your home.

You don’t want to put your furry friends in a harmful environment while getting rid of your household pests. Asking can’t hurt, and it will help you eliminate pest control options that don’t value the safety and health of your family.

7. Insurance Coverage

Only hire a local pest control service after verifying their insurance coverage. You could find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit if a pest control technician suffers an injury on your property without insurance coverage.

You’ll face high medical bills and litigation costs if the injured technician files a charge against you. Each local pest control service will list its insurance information on its website so you can enjoy peace of mind when making a hire.

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You’re well within your rights to ask for insurance proof before hiring a service. Don’t take a chance when ridding your home of pests. Don’t risk more money on eliminating pests by failing to check for proof of insurance.

Hire Local Pest Control for a Safer Home

Pests carry disease and do significant damage to your home, and you must stop them in their tracks before they put your family in harm’s way. Hiring a local pest control company will help you go on the offensive against these unwanted guests. Read online reviews and compare rates to get the best value and a safe home free from pests.

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