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9 Auto Transport Companies to Avoid in 2023

Have you ever wondered which auto transport companies to avoid when shipping your vehicle? Well, you’re in the right place!

This article is a must-read for anyone looking to protect their car from damage, inflated costs, or unnecessary delays. We’ve painstakingly researched and compiled a list of 9 auto transport companies to avoid in 2023.

By knowing who not to hire, you’re one step closer to ensuring a smooth and stress-free auto transport experience. Stick around to safeguard your assets and peace of mind.


1. Unregistered Auto Transport Companies

Unregistered auto transport companies are a huge red flag. These businesses aren’t listed with the U.S. Department of Transportation. This can mean they don’t follow safety rules or insurance laws.

Avoiding unregistered companies will help protect your car. They may not have the right skills or equipment to safely transport your vehicle.

So always check if a company is registered before you hire them. You can do this by looking for their U.S. Department of Transportation number.

2. Imposter Auto Transporters

Imposter auto transporters are a real threat to be aware of. These companies pose as legitimate auto transport services, but they are not what they seem. They might use the names of reputable companies to trick you into trusting them.

Once they have your car, they might hold it hostage, demanding more money to release it. Or, they might not deliver your car at all, leaving you out of pocket and without a vehicle. Always double-check the credentials of any auto transport company before you hire them.

3. Uninsured Companies

Uninsured companies are another type of auto transporter you must avoid. These companies don’t have insurance coverage, so if your vehicle gets damaged during transit, you’re stuck with the repair costs. This can lead to large unplanned expenses, causing financial strain.

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Doing business with uninsured companies is a gamble. While they may offer lower initial rates, the risk of expensive damage is high. To avoid stress and potential financial loss, always verify the insurance status of any auto transport company before hiring them.

4. Companies With Negative Reviews

The Internet is full of reviews on any product or service, including auto transport companies. If a company has a lot of negative reviews, it’s a clear sign that its service might not be up to par. These reviews often come from unhappy customers who have experienced issues like late delivery, hidden costs, or even damage to their vehicle.

However, remember that not all negative reviews necessarily mean a company is bad. Sometimes, misunderstandings occur, or customers have unrealistic expectations. But if the negative reviews outweigh the positive ones or the company does not respond to complaints, it’s best to look for other options.

5. Too Good To Be True Companies

Beware of companies that offer deals that seem too good to be true. They might offer incredibly low rates or faster delivery times than other companies. However, these offerings often come with hidden costs or lower-quality service.

For example, a company may advertise a cross-country auto transport service at a surprisingly low rate. They might also guarantee an unusually fast delivery time, promising to transport your car from New York to California in two days. These red flags signal possible hidden fees, rushed service leading to potential damage, or even a scam.

It’s crucial to thoroughly research and know the proper cost to ship a truck before making any financial commitments. Unrealistically, low prices may indicate poor service quality. Most importantly, ask for a detailed quote to uncover any hidden charges.

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6. Companies Without Written Contract or Agreement

Avoid auto transport companies that don’t provide a written contract or agreement. This document is important because it clearly states the terms and conditions of the service. Without it, you’re left vulnerable to unexpected costs and unreliable services.

A written contract offers protection for both you and the company. It ensures you understand what you’re paying for and what to expect. Always insist on a written agreement before committing to any vehicle shipping service.

7. Companies That Request Large Upfront Payments

Be cautious of auto transport companies that ask for a large portion of the payment upfront. This is usually a sign of financial instability and questionable business practices. If a company needs substantial upfront payments, it might not have enough financial resources to operate efficiently or meet its obligations.

Additionally, companies demanding large upfront payments may not be confident in the quality of their service. They may fear that customers will not be willing to pay after experiencing their service. Always be wary – a reputable company should be confident enough in their service to collect most of their payment upon delivery.

8. Companies With No Physical Address

You should avoid auto transport companies that do not provide a physical address. A lack of a physical address can indicate that a company is not established and could even be a sign of a scam. Legitimate businesses typically have a physical location that customers can visit or contact if needed.

Finally, if any issues arise during the vehicle transport process, you will know where to go to address the problem. If a company only provides a website or email address, it could be challenging to contact them if something goes wrong. Therefore, always choose an auto transport company with a verifiable physical address.

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9. Companies With No Tracking Options

Companies that don’t offer tracking options should be avoided when looking for auto transport services. Tracking allows you to keep tabs on your vehicle’s location during transport, providing peace of mind about your asset’s security. Without this feature, it’s impossible to determine where your vehicle is, creating unnecessary stress and concern.

Moreover, a lack of tracking may suggest a company’s lack of technological advancement or customer service consideration. Reputable companies understand the importance of keeping their clients informed and usually provide some form of tracking. So, consider tracking options a must-have when choosing an auto transport service.

Steer Clear of Unreliable Auto Transport Companies to Avoid

In conclusion, your vehicle is a valuable asset, and treating it as such is essential. Your knowledge of the various types of auto transport companies to avoid will be your greatest tool in this process.

We hope this guide supports you in making informed decisions, ensuring your vehicle’s journey is as smooth as your driving experience. Protect your car, your finances, and your peace of mind by remaining vigilant, asking the right questions, and steering clear of dodgy auto transport companies.

If you gained new insights from this article, be sure to explore our blog for more enlightening content.