A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Whisky Collection

Are you feeling thirsty? Well, instead of grabbing a can of beer or pouring a glass of wine, it’s high time you tried whiskey.

While wine and beer have been collectors’ favorites, starting a whiskey collection is a great endeavor. Whiskey is a great drink for special occasions, meetings, or just winding down at the end of the day.

But how do you start a formidable whiskey collection? How do you find the best options with the finest taste?

Here’s what you need to know:


The Basics of a Whiskey Collection

First, you need to know the type of whiskey you want to focus on. You can always have a mix, but you want to stick to one type with the taste you enjoy the most.

Scotch whiskey is known for its strong taste. This is considered one of the finest whiskies, though it’s often an acquired taste for newcomers.

Japanese, Irish, and American whiskies have different varieties. You can find a great mix of strong and lighter options with these varieties. Irish and American whiskies are often among the more affordable options.

You can have a look at how to get started with your whiskey collection portfolio to decide how to begin buying whiskey.

Building Your Palate

The next step is to start building your palate by trying different whiskies. Start by trying small samples of different whiskies.

One night try a small sample of Scotch and then contrast it with a sample of Jack Daniels, for instance.

This will help you determine what type of whiskies you’ll enjoy the most. First, you’ll likely enjoy the sweeter and softer whiskey options. Afterward, you might develop a taste for the stronger stuff.

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One great way to decide what type of whiskies you’ll enjoy the most is to pair them with food. You can enjoy a glass of Scotch whiskey with a burger, for instance.

Or, you can enjoy a lighter Irish whiskey with dessert. Often, a slice of cake or fine ice cream is a great accompaniment.

Look for Rare Whiskey

The final step should be to shop around for rarities. Every serious whiskey collector should have at least one rare whiskey in their portfolio.

Look for one that was given a limited edition print. Scotch Macallan and many Japanese whiskies are great for this. You also want to choose an aged whiskey.

Younger whiskies are great for taste. But aged whiskies are perfect for special occasions and are essential for any collection.

Start Your Whiskey Collection

Now you know how to start a great whiskey collection and cultivate a taste for this great spirit.

Start by looking at different types of whiskey from different countries. You want to understand the peculiarities before tasting them.

Next, you want to try small samples until you decide which whiskies to focus on. It’s best to pair whiskey with food to enjoy the overall atmosphere. Make sure you shop for rarities as well to enhance your collection.

Are you still feeling thirsty? There’s more great content about whiskey on our blog.