How advertising a product on social networks works

How advertising a product on social networks works

Undoubtedly, social networks are becoming more popular in Canada every day. In modern times, they have become the main means of communication among people, so classic phone calls or messages are becoming increasingly rare. It seems very easy to just share something on a social network and stay in touch with the outside world through your post.


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The invention of social networks has opened up previously unimagined opportunities for marketing. Advertising is not only cheaper in social networks, but likewise incredibly effective, as you can see from best Novomatic Casinos Canada. So that you too can successfully woo your product, we have compiled the most important key points for you.

Which social network should it be?

Before you start looking at how to promote products on social networks, you should know the individual networks and their possibilities well. Not every network is equally suitable for advertising and each works a little differently.

The choices are generally:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Instagram,
  • Pinterest,
  • TikTok.


Facebook is one of the most important social networks. This is where most of the world’s users hang out, with a demographic that is also very broad. Ideally, a product should be advertised tailored to a target group, which is made possible on Facebook. Here, settings are available for which age groups, for example, the advertising should be visible. In the case of an online casino, a fairly large target group is suitable, starting from people in their early 20s to around 50. One can create the advertising even more targeted if the online casino follows a certain design motto.

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In addition, it is necessary to create a so-called fan page. The profile should be filled out completely so that it appears credible. On a fan page, posts are not created too often, rather only every few days.


Twitter has a different mechanism than Facebook, where you can follow other users. It is suitable for very regular posts and to keep in touch with one’s clientele. Consequently, one should join in discussions here. For example, for an online casino, Twitter is an excellent place to report on new games or when a new tournament starts.


Instagram is a little more diverse, whereby one advertises there mainly with pictures or makes use of the function of Insta Live with a LiveStream. An online casino could use it to kick off a new tournament, counting down, for example. It would also be suitable for presenting a new game.


Pinterest is a design-oriented network where you first create your own boards with different interests. If you want to promote an online casino or a new game, the platform is rather less suitable. It is primarily used to collect ideas on various topics, such as:

  1. Wedding,
  2. table setting,
  3. interior design,
  4. Fashion.


TikTok is used more by a rather young generation, with posts consisting of short videos. On this platform, short videos can be used to introduce a new game in an online casino, as well as to take advantage of influencers.

Strategies for advertising a product on social networks

Simply having an account in the social networks and posting something there from time to time is not enough. The accounts in the networks need to be maintained and ideally you respond to questions or criticism from other users there.

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Building a relationship with customers

Being present on social networks goes far beyond just having an account there. A fan page like on Facebook is metaphorically just a ticket to a party you’re invited to. Depending on the platform, news that is relevant and of interest to users must be shared at varying regular intervals. If an online casino shares that a new game is being added to the offer, users should feel addressed by it and want to interact with the post.

Communication is everything.

Traditionally, a relationship is built with customers in a sales conversation, something that is eliminated in social networks. In social networks, there is no threshold that has to be crossed first to get in touch with a company – from the user side. Users like to comment and often ask questions about the offer in posts. When promoting a new game for an online casino, keep an eye on the post and respond to any questions. This builds trust in an online casino as a platform.

Regular updates

Users are not interested in knowing what was yesterday. They want to know what the new trend is and what a brand has to offer that is new. As an online casino, social networks are perfect for advertising new games and content, such as a new bonus offer, among others. You could also use the updates for promotions or even point out real classics among the games offered.

Higher visibility

Once a user likes a post, they will share it. If there is a groundbreaking new game in an online casino, a user will not wait and immediately make his friends aware of it. This opens up a higher visibility all by itself, which, however, requires interesting content in posts and updates. You can also use social networks in this regard to create hype around a new game in a casino.

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