How to Become a Group Aerobics Instructor

Do you have a passion for group exercises and want to be part of shaping and supporting communities? Perhaps you are an amazing leader who wants to train other instructors.

If group aerobic exercise is your thing and you’d like to lead classes, there’s no better path than being a group aerobics instructor. You can teach in gyms and community settings. From games to aerobic classes, you can bring outgoing lessons to bring people together.

To learn how to become one, just keep on reading!


Decide What Certification Program

As a group aerobics instructor, there are several key steps to take to ensure success. First, you must become certified in a nationally recognized aerobics program.

Learn the rules and regulations needed to teach in your state. Depending on the state where you will be teaching, you may need additional certifications or training related to teaching in that state.

Talk to other group instructors to get their advice. You can also earn your group exercise certification by considering your current fitness knowledge and skills.

Complete First Aid and CPR Training

Completing first aid and CPR training to become a group aerobics instructor is an important process. This will help you respond to any emergencies that can happen in your group aerobics classes.

To start, contact organizations to inquire about the time and cost of the classes. In class, pay close attention to the instructions and make sure all questions are answered. After the class is complete, take an exam to receive a certification indicating you are knowledgeable in both first aid and CPR.

Familiarize Yourself with Music and Equipment

To become a successful group aerobics instructor, it is important to familiarize yourself with both music and equipment. Get to know the different styles and intensities of music that are used in aerobics classes. Research popular instructors and their music choices.

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Pay attention to both the beat and lyrics to make sure they suit your intended class. Consider familiarizing yourself with any equipment that could be used in your class.

For example, certain aerobics classes involve the use of resistance bands, jump ropes, and other equipment. Research how to use the equipment correctly, as well as any potential injuries or risks associated with it.

Apply for Group Aerobics Facilities

If you are ready to become a fitness instructor, you need to find an aerobics facility that offers group aerobics classes. You may find companies offering these classes in your local area or online.

Once you have found a facility, you will need to create an instructor portfolio that you can share with potential employers. This should include information such as your education, your teaching experience, and references.

You should also create a resume that outlines your experience in aerobics and exercise. You will also need to contact the aerobics facilities and inquire about their needs and availability.

The Profession of Aerobics Instructor Is Fantastic

Being an aerobics instructor is truly fantastic! Not only do you help motivate others to reach their fitness goals, but you also become healthier and a part of a great community.

If this profession sparks your interest, start researching and training to become an aerobics instructor today! You won’t regret it!

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