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From Beginner to Pro: How To Get Pilates Certified

Did you know that 90% of Pilates instructors are women?

Pilates is a popular form of exercise. It focuses on building core strength, improving flexibility, and promoting mind-body awareness. It’s no surprise that many people are interested in becoming certified Pilates instructors.

If you’re passionate about Pilates and want to turn it into a career, getting certified is the first step. In this guide, you will learn how to get pilates certified. Read on to learn how to go from beginner to pro pilates instructor.


Find a Reputable Certification Program

Many different organizations offer Pilates certifications. It’s important to do your research and choose one that fits your needs.

It’s important to note that there is no official governing body for Pilates certifications. The quality and requirements of each program may vary. It’s recommended to choose a program that is accredited by a reputable fitness organization.

Meet the Requirements

Before enrolling in a certification program, make sure you meet the requirements. Most programs have minimum age and education requirements, as well as some prior experience in Pilates.

Some programs may also require you to have CPR and first aid certifications before starting the program. It’s important to check with your chosen program for their specific requirements. This will ensure that you are fully prepared and eligible for the certification program.

Choose Your Specialty

Pilates has evolved over the years, and there are now various specializations within the practice. Before enrolling in a program, it’s important to decide which area of Pilates you want to specialize in.

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Some popular specialties include mat Pilates, reformer Pilates, and Pilates for specific populations such as prenatal or seniors. Choose an area that you are passionate about and see yourself teaching in the future. This will keep you motivated throughout the training and help you stand out as a certified instructor.

Complete the Training Program

Once you have chosen a reputable certification program and met all the requirements, it’s time to start your Pilates instructor training! The duration of training programs can vary from a few weeks to several months, depending on the program and your availability. During the training, you will learn:

  • Pilates principles
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Cueing techniques
  • Class planning and more

You will also have the opportunity to practice teaching and receive feedback from experienced instructors. It’s important to fully dedicate yourself to the training program to get the most out of it. Ask questions, take notes, and practice as much as you can.

Pass the Exam

After completing the training program, most certifications require you to pass a written and practical exam. The written exam will test your knowledge of Pilates. The practical exam will assess your teaching skills and ability to properly instruct clients through a Pilates class.

It’s normal to feel nervous before an exam, but remember to stay calm and confident in your skills. Trust in the training you have received and give it your best effort.

Understanding How To Get Pilates Certified

Knowing how to get Pilates certified is the first step towards a fulfilling career in this field. It requires dedication, hard work, and passion for the practice. Using this pilates certification guide, you can confidently start your journey to becoming a certified instructor.

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Always continue learning and growing as an instructor to provide the best experience for your clients. Remember, Pilates is not just a workout but a lifestyle that promotes balance and well-being.

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