The Benefits of LMS-Salesforce Integration

The Benefits of LMS-Salesforce Integration

Online training has touched new amplitude in the advent of the pandemic. All its hidden benefits have come to the fore. Such as online education is less expensive than traditional learning which requires you to include numerous resources and travel to get the required education. Simultaneously learners can choose between synchronous and asynchronous learning at their convenience. Additionally, even the people unable to travel due to different circumstances can also opt for online learning and avail themselves of its benefits.


The Benefits of LMS-Salesforce Integration

For businesses, these benefits add up to higher proportions such as access to higher quality as well as many instructors or speakers. Plus, all the learning and performance can be tracked and options of consistency in learning methods for the workforce. All these benefits multiply manifolds when the CRM( Customer Relationship Management) is integrated with the LMS( Learning Management System). Some examples of popular LMSs with Salesforce integration or Salesforce LMS are Adobe Captivate Prime, TalentLMS, Thinkific, etc. Notable benefits are-

  • Improvement in learner experience

Considerable improvement in the experience of learners has been noted in the case of Salesforce integration. With the help of single-user login, All the data is itself filled in required fields due to the integration. The data from both sources can be further used to generate a personalized experience for the user. The same login can further be used for social learning through various forums and online communities. Additional benefits are provided to signed-in candidates in the form of available discounts on various merchandise and access to various communities and benefits of being signed in. Making this information a base, further suggestions regarding their learning path can be made using Artificial Intelligence(AI).

  • Data analysis

Data analysis has become significantly easier and effective with the help of clear implications of said data on the different facets of the business. Even the implications of such analysis can be easily inferred due to the salesforce integration. For example, not only can you provide knowledge and award credits and certificates, but even the user engagement can be successfully deciphered and used for further analysis and ultimately better user experience. Participation in the program can be measured using the membership status and engagement. The integration makes it possible to use the data for market research and decision-making. The said integration can also enable data to be apportioned to various interested parties and departments. The trainees, trainers, marketing department, IT department, Human Resources, etc. all need relevant data to function appropriately and make decisions. All these pillars of e-learning can get the required information according to relevance and with the least effort.

  • Time-saving

No more manual updates are required, so much less chance of redundant data entry and errors in the same. An immense amount of time is saved in information dissemination. This is because no separate time or resources are required to do it. Automatic trigger e-mails and notifications can help keep track of impending activities, certificates, mandatory training, quizzes, and exams, etc. Thus, so much time is saved for all the involved parties.

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Conclusively, Salesforce integration places the required data to those who need it. All these people can make use of this data to make decisions in their fields where the relevant trends and inclinations can help you plan better for the future and take appropriate steps. It also results in incremental purchases, customer satisfaction scores, new customers acquisition rate increment, and even complementary and cross-product purchases. This integration has resulted in drastic results and is expected to grow in the coming times.

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