Best 3 ways to convert JPG to MP4:

Best 3 ways to convert JPG to MP4

Best 3 ways to convert JPG to MP4: JPG is a file format that is used for storing all your image files on different devices. Most of the image files on your phones or your computer are stored in the same file format as it has been so much support. Some of the people are always looking forward to some easy ways to convert the file of JPG to MP4 format as you want to upload the JPG file in such a platform that only accepts the file format in the MP4 version.

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So to help you a bit and to make your task easy to perform, right here we are sharing some easy and best 3 ways to convert JPG to MP4:


Method No 1: Converting JPG to MP4 with EaseUS Video Editor

The biggest benefit which almost every single Window user has in terms of advanced features and applications which they get. Straight away from editing images and mixing your various audio files, you can perform so many more functions. For converting the files of JPG to MP4, you can use an app that is known as EaseUS Video Editor.

This video editing app is excellent to give all your videos a brilliant retouch. But at the same time, it is best to work as the file converter tool as well. It can help you to convert all your files into different formats in a wide variety.

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Step by Step Guide:

  1. First of all, you have to open the EaseUS Video Editor. Now on the main home screen, you have to import the basic source file by choosing the option “import”. You can even drag the video file to a suitable area.
  2. Now add the specific imported file by selecting the option of “Add to Project”.
  3. In the 3rs step, you have to explore the main source file. The “Export” option is available on the main menu at the top.
  4. Under the tab of “video”, you have to select the file format of MP4.
  5. After clicking on the convert option, the format converted file will be available in front of you.
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Method No 2: Converting JPG to MP4 with Onlineconvertfree

Secondly, we have an platform which is the easiest and excellent way to convert JPG file into an MP4 file format. This tool is excellent and simple to use for the conversion processing of a file into different formats.

Steps by Step Guide:

  1. Choose the JPG file which you want to convert from your Google Drive or the Dropbox.
  2. Choose the option of “upload now” to start your process of conversion.
  3. Select the file format in which you want your file to get converted.
  4. Click on the “OK” option for the starting conversion process.

Method No 3: Converting JPG to MP4 on MAC

For the conversion of the JPG file into MP4 format, you can also use the platform of MAC through the free Apple app, iMovie. This tool is best for editing all your videos, creating movie trailers, and much more. You can use this tool on both MAC and iOS-based devices. Let’s discuss the steps of conversion.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. You have to first of all launch the app of iMovie. Now choose the option of “Create New” for creating any movie trailer. You can also use this option for the conversion process as well.
  2. You can look for the large option as “import media” which is available on the main interface. Choose the option and select JPG files through Mac’s storage.
  3. Now navigate yourself to the way where you have located your JPG files. Double click on the file so it can get added into your app. Selecting more than two files is also possible.
  4. Once you have uploaded the file, click on the “File” menu option and select the “choose” file option for converting and exporting the file.
  5. Now at last click on the “next” option to start the conversion process.
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