Blast Off: The Best Picture Books About Space Exploration

Outer space has fascinated humans for centuries, from Galileo’s telescope to the Hubble Space Telescope. Indulging in your child’s interests is vital to being a supportive and loving parent, and much of that support begins with fun books for kids. These books provide educational value through words and images.

One of the best options to consider when shopping for your child is picture books about space. The mysteries and beauty of space are captivating for people of all ages, and it’s a wonderful way to help your child discover new passions and interests.

Luckily, you’re in the right spot in time and space to learn about the best space books to help your child indulge in their love of space and planets. Continue reading to help them blast off toward an outer space education today!


Rocket Says Look Up

Rocket Says Look Up is a fantastic children’s book to help your child learn more about outer space. The book features Rocket and her brother, Jamal, preparing to see a stunning comet dart across the sky. It’s one of the best books to inspire curiosity in your child’s mind.

The Magic Schoolbus Lost in the Solar System

The Magic Schoolbus is famous for taking children to countless ecosystems and parts of the world but Lost in the Solar System ventures beyond Earth’s atmosphere. It’s one of the best books about space if you want to help your child explore their newfound passion.

The book will take your child on a solar system tour, describing facts about all eight planets (sorry, Pluto). It’s one of the best books to teach children about the solar system. Consider reading it with your child before attending Symposium 365 to learn more about space.

National Geographic Little Kids: First Big Book of Space

Nat Geo’s First Big Book of Space is another option for space books suitable for children. It’s a comprehensive guide to the solar system, planets, and other celestial bodies. Between the colorful illustrations and pictures and the space facts, it’s a book your child will love for learning about space.

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Our Solar System: Revised Edition

If color photos are vital to your child’s outer space education, consider purchasing Our Solar System: Revised Edition. It has impressive color photos of outer space, planets, galaxies, and beyond. If you’re set on buying picture books about space, this option should top your list.

Your child will get a detailed look at each planet in the solar system. It’s also a remarkable resource to learn about comets, meteors, and astroids.

Find the Best Picture Books About Space Today

Finding picture books about space is vital when helping your children gain an outer space education. National Geographic and The Magic Schoolbus provide a fun journey through the solar system to learn about each planet and its unique features. Our Solar System: Revised Edition is another excellent option for space books, thanks to its stunning photos and information.

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