How can you benefit from a wooden comb if you have dull hair

How can you benefit from a wooden comb if you have dull hair

With a fast-pacing life, we literally run short of time for self-grooming and styling. As a result, many of us suffer from dull and dry hair. In order to take care of it, one needs to be aware of what exactly suits the hair and what can aid in its growth and nourishment that doesn’t require a lot of time and effort. Besides using the best oil and shampoo, it is important to keep a note of the hair combs we are using for detangling and dressing our hair. If your hair is somehow compromised because of the increasing rate of pollution, contaminated water, or other such factors, its high time that you switch to wooden combs, for its entirely safe and do not trigger the hair cuticles or the roots any further.


How can you benefit from a wooden comb if you have dull hair

Let’s look into the surprising benefits of a handcrafted wooden comb and how can it infuse only goodness into your hair.

Improving Scalp Health

How can you benefit from a wooden comb if you have dull hair

Like strong roots support the plants and make it grow bigger and better, the same way a healthy scalp leads to a healthy mane. Vega Grooming Wooden Comb is one of the best hair combs to keep your scalp functioning stronger. It presses against the scalp and stimulates the acupuncture points which imparts a massaging sensation. This in turn improves blood circulation to the scalp and benefits the overall hair health.

Provides Nourishment

No matter how expensive oils you apply for better locks, the natural oils present in the scalp is the most beneficial factor behind a good hair. Wooden combs help in equally distributing the natural oils across your tresses. This reduces the chances of hair fall as it strengthens the root making it appear shinier and bouncier.

Say no to Greasiness

The irregular distribution of natural oils from the sebaceous glands leads to greasiness or oiliness in hair. This is more common during the summer season when the humidity contributes to the condition. Using a Vega Boutique Wooden Comb helps in distributing the oils not only throughout the scalp but also down the length of our hair. This makes our hair look better even during times of extreme heat and humidity. The long hand facilitates better grip and comfortable usage.

Prevents hair loss

How can you benefit from a wooden comb if you have dull hair

Wooden combs come with classified teeth for combing distinct types of hair. Some have wider teeth, while other has fine teeth to glide through the hair easily. This leads to less hair fall as it prevents tugs and pulls. The strong and wider teeth reduce friction and give way for smooth and hassle-free detangling.

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Remedy for dandruff

The white scaly flakes are a serious issue for many. It is more of a tiring task to wash our hair every other day to get rid of dandruff. There is actually a better way to reduce the occurrence of dandruff this often, and it’s a wooden comb. It is gentle on the scalp and softer on the hair, this wards off the scalp from getting triggered and building up more dandruff due to friction.

No allergies or rashes

How can you benefit from a wooden comb if you have dull hair

If you have a sensitive scalp that leads to rashes, it would be a wise decision to switch to wooden combs; the sooner, the better. Vega Dressing Wooden Comb is made of 100% natural ingredients which promises no side effects. This makes it an ideal hair comb as it wards off allergic reactions on the scalp.

Adds volume and shine

A wooden comb can provide bouncy locks and add a volume boost. Once you switch to using wooden combs regularly, your scalp gets all the nourishment coming from optimum blood circulation. This eventually adds to the goodness of your hair making it look shinier and bouncier.

These are the highlights of using a wooden comb religiously. Dull and dry hair can be cured when its scalp is imparted proper nourishment. Switch to Vega Wooden Combs and be surprised by its incredible benefits.