Here's How You Can Make A Virtual Conference Stand Out And Attract Attention

How You Can Make A Virtual Conference Stand Out And Attract Attention

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended economies and business functions all over the world. Apart from travel, the conference and events industries have suffered a major hit too. With all regulars locked away, the industry is seeing drought and has to make a monumental effort to make a comeback.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of adaptation, humans have taken to video conferencing to organize vital meetings virtually. In fact, even government organizations over the world are giving critical speeches through video conferencing apps. Video conferencing has gained immense popularity, and now, there is more online traffic than there ever was.

Coming from a solid base of research on human mannerisms and the effectiveness of different styles of video conferencing, these are the best ways you could make your virtual conference an eye-catcher –

There are actions you could take before the actual conference happens and then there are things to do during the conference.

First, let us look at what you could do before –

Interesting Invitations

Just like the first impression is the last impression, the invitation to your video conference holds the power to change the mind of a viewer. In case you have a not so great invitation to the conference, some of the premium attendees might think lowly of the conference and opt-out. On the other hand, if you have made an amazing invitation that sparks curiosity in the mind of even those that know nothing about the topic, your virtual conference room will be at full capacity.

Apart from solidifying the attendance of your premium attendees, you could use the same to invite more people that might be interested too! You could make amazing invites with the help of simple online tools. You could use an invitation maker using your own design and make an invitation that could grab the attention of anyone who sees it!

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Paid Promotions

While promoting the conference, you must ensure that you use the right social media platform. Considering the business nature of conferences, you would not like to use something that does not cater to your crowd. You could use Instagram and Facebook to a certain extent, but majorly, you should be using LinkedIn.

The power of social media is given to it by the people. Excessive use means people spend more time on the digital platform. This is exactly what is needed to get in front of people’s eyes. Social media applications have gained popularity, and these apps can get your content in front of all kinds of people. With a majority of the world’s population now using a smartphone, a simple advertisement on google will broadcast your content across continents.

Segmented Email Marketing

A successful email marketing strategy combines correct outreach with the correct copywriting to go with it. The time and message have a huge impact on the outcome of the strategy, and thus they must be paid attention to.

For those that like speedy campaign execution, you could use ready-made templates and schedule your emails to go to certain people at certain times. This ensures that your message reaches the right person at the right time. Email templates, scheduled emails, and the ability to personalize emails by name, company, or any other parameter will highly increase your chances of running a successful campaign.

Equipment Matters

The importance of using great equipment has been highly undermined. How many times have you seen a video but been disappointed with the quality or have laughed at the fact that the person’s face was mirrored? How many times have you had to strain to hear what the person was saying?

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Well, these are real problems with video recording. Why do you think You-tubers use expensive cameras and high-quality microphones? Well, to the person scrolling on an app, the eye gets attracted to the visual with a high-quality photo, and their attention is stuck on those videos that they can hear clearly. Using good equipment will also put across a message saying you are seriously invested in the conference.

Now, let us look at a few things you could do during the conference so that those who attended have positive things to say about it.

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Use Video 

Granted, it is a virtual conference you must show presence, but it is a fact that holding the attention of an audience – especially virtually, is a daunting task. It is not a task that can be successfully accomplished by a simple PowerPoint presentation. Using videos keeps the audience engaged, and thus you get attention as well as interactions.

You don’t need to fuss about looking for a free no watermark video editor because InVideo has the perfect product for you. With an easy-to-use tool like this, you can create engaging videos that are bound to get attention.

Choose The Right Platform

An event platform with social tools will greatly help increase interactions during your conference and help keep it interesting. One of the primary reason people attend conferences is for the networking opportunities. It is imperative to give people that opportunity.

Ensure that the platform you choose has the right amount of interactive tools and a clean interface to keep people interested. Nobody likes a cluttered dashboard. The more minimal the interface, the better – because the people are here to interact with you and other people, not the platform itself.

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Make Use Of Chat

Video conferencing is about talking face to face, but when there are many people speaking together, some prefer to keep their microphones off and type their opinions. The chat feature is available on almost every video conferencing app, and the chances are that the one you are using for your video conference also has it.

People will use the chat to say anything from opinions about the conference to arguments about the subject matter. As a host, it is necessary to sometimes get involved with it and keep it in control. This is not to take sides in case of arguments or any other purpose, but just to ensure that the situation stays under control.

These are some effective actions you could take to make your video conferences better. But the most important action you could take comes after the conference is over!


Make a feedback form and send out an email or urge the attendees to fill out the form before leaving the virtual conference room. This will give you tons of help and show you how to become a better host.

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