Changing the face of Modern Workspaces

Changing the face of Modern Workspaces

Smartworks, India’s biggest flexible space supplier, was founded by Mr. Neetish Sarda in 2016. Smartworks provides custom-made, tech-enabled and flexible managed spaces to enterprises looking to upgrade their processes.

Over the last few years, Smartworks has grown to become a market leader in end-to-end managed office spaces, with several Fortune 500 clients, a presence in 9 cities and 32+ locations. Smartworks generated over 100 crores of income within only two years of operation. It quickly surpassed the 300-crore mark, making it the country’s largest flexible workspace supplier.

Mr. Ghanshyam Sarda’s Son, Mr. Neetish Sarda, pursued his passion for entrepreneurship in India, after completing his education overseas. At the age of 23, he founded Smartworks, a managed and flex space that catered to entrepreneurs and freelancers at the time. His main goal was to create work environments that offered flexibility and incited productivity. In a competitive field of managed spaces where multiple companies were serving the same target groups, Mr. Neetish Sarda didn’t take long to understand this.

The concept of flexible space began as little more than a shared service for startup companies and smaller renters. However, in an increasingly complicated and turbulent economic climate, it is currently seeing massive space take-up by major corporations trying to minimise real estate costs and enhance their portfolios’ flexibility.

Changing the face of Modern Workspaces

He went to the drawing board, switching his corporate structure from coworking to highly scalable office spaces and pioneering enterprise onboarding into his flex space. In a typical workplace environment, this untapped section was happy and pleased.

He thought that combining amenities and convenience would result in higher employee engagement. His customised workplaces are renowned for providing working professionals with all that they require to do their duties comfortably.

Smartworks achieved a growing footprint of over five million+ sq. ft. Even during the pandemic, it continued to expand and leased India’s single-largest flex space in 2021, M-Agile, a 5.6 lac sq.ft area facility in Baner, Pune.

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Smartworks, founded by Mr. Neetish Sarda, is a superb example of tech-enabled future of workplaces. Smartworks guarantees the greatest levels of safety and convenience for its members, whether it’s IoT-enabled conference rooms, digitised parking services, touchless coffee dispensers, digital entry, food services, or even sports activity scheduling. Also, read sbxhrl

By concentrating on design, hospitality, technology, and customer happiness, he hopes to alter India’s traditional office environment and reimagine the Indian office experience. “We want to call ourselves a workplace experience firm, not only a workspace supplier,” says Neetish Sarda.


Mr. Neetish Sarda’s phenomenal expansion has turned the notion of office workspace into a flex-space model, and the firm already intends to launch a Building Operating Platform and Workspace Management SaaS product targeted at landlords and organisations globally. It is aimed to be centred on new workplace management and experience models.

Mr. Ghanshyam Sarda’s Son, Mr. Neetish Sarda, has also won multiple awards as a successful entrepreneur whose imaginative approach to entrepreneurship inspires others to pen the success chapters in business leadership.

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