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Chill on a Dhow: Marina Cruise in Dubai

Cruising is a must experience everyone should have in a lifetime. Cruising on Dubai Dhow cruise is a specialty of Dubai city. People around the world come here and enjoy multiple activities. Dubai is a hub of tourism where people can find 100 plus fun activities to do. They have provided outclass facilities to their guests. The Dubai government has made the marina a special place to provide people with a luxurious environment. The land around the marina is filled with high rise buildings which are illuminated at night to provide a glimpse of the luxurious world while riding at marina dhow cruise dubai.


What do people love about dhow cruise marina?

Traveling a 2 hr ride on a dhow seems like a simple activity but in reality you will enjoy the natural breeze of air with a spectacular view of buildings and crowds enjoying every moment on the boat.

Here are few things people love to have ride on marina dhow cruise dubai:

– Ambient Environment

The traditional dhow cruise has two apartments at the deck and down cabin one. Both are well lit for creating an amazing restaurant environment. People prefer to have a seat on the upper deck as it is open to the air and you can view the surroundings easily and more clearly.

– Live Tanoura show

It is a cultural dance performed by men wearing a skirt often wearing lights. They spin in rotation and their skirts also move which look good to eyes with music showing a sufism through dance. Tanura is an Arabic word meaning skirt. It is a part of Arabic folklore and a traditional ceremonial act that can be seen in islamic countries. The dance conveys a unique meaning to the viewer such as a sign of feeling and gratitude of nature, mankind, prosperity and praise of God.

– Arabic belly dance

Once the cruise is set to sail the belly dancers in their traditional dress start to perform to capture the audience with graceful movements and vibrant costumes. The rhythmic beats of traditional Arabic music fills the air with excitement. The belly dancers are skilled dancers which is a representation of Arabic art used in history and has cultural significance leaving the spectator in awe. Along with traditional cuisine and belly dance performance you will feel the cultural experience of Dubai.

– Memorable Dinner

dhow cruise marina dinner is a buffet style dinner including various options. You can have whatever you like the most or try traditional dishes. Either the dinner option is self serviced or operators are there to serve. A dubai marina yacht is a luxurious option for serving delicious and lavish food including arabic, continental both. People enjoy starters, main courses and endup the dinner with dessert to satisfy their taste buds. A typical dhow cruise marina dinner may include but not limited to it

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– For starters- chilled juices and kehwa

– Salad bar, soups and breadbasket

– Main course: butter chicken, vegetable biryani, mexican chicken etc

– Barbeque- arabic mixed grill, grill fish, kofta kebab etc

– Dessert: Fruit trifle, fruit salad

– Beverages- tea, coffee, water etc


Before visiting any place a pre-booking safe hassle and time of a person so before booking a ride on marina dhow cruise dubai ticket price must be checked and packages available on different cruise services. marina dhow cruise dubai is a luxurious ride to feel pleasure and it is famous for taking memorable pictures. So never miss the opportunity to visit Dubai and take a ride on dhow cruise marina.