Choosing the Right Footwear for Badminton - A Guide to ASICS Shoes

Choosing the Right Footwear for Badminton – A Guide to ASICS Shoes

Are you a badminton enthusiast looking to elevate your game on the court? Well, you’re in the right place because today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of ASICS badminton shoes. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started, having the best sports shoe can make all the difference in your performance. So, let’s lace up and explore some top-notch options from ASICS India.


The GEL-COURTMOV+ – For Enhanced Traction

When it comes to dominating indoor court sports like badminton, squash, or volleyball, the ASICS GEL-COURTMOV+ stands out as the ultimate game-changer. What makes these shoes exceptional is their focus on providing you with enhanced traction on indoor court surfaces. Say goodbye to the frustration of slipping and sliding during those intense rallies and say yes to this best sports shoe.


  • Superior Traction: The GEL-COURTMOV+ is engineered for quick lateral movements. The increased gum rubber on the outsole delivers superior traction, ensuring you can make those lightning-fast direction changes without missing a beat.
  • Excellent Cushioning: In the heat of the game, shock absorption is crucial to prevent fatigue and injury. These shoes offer excellent cushioning, making sure your feet stay comfortable and supported during extended matches.
  • Durable Construction: ASICS knows that serious athletes demand durability. The GEL-COURTMOV+ is built to last, so you can count on them for consistent performance, game after game.
  • Breathable Design: Sweaty feet can be distracting on the court. That’s why these shoes feature a breathable design that keeps your feet cool and dry, allowing you to focus on your performance.
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If you’re truly committed to taking your indoor court game to the next level, the GEL-COURTMOV+ is your top choice. With this best sports shoe on your feet, you’ll stay at the top of your game, no matter how intense the match gets.

The UPCOURT 5 – Lightweight and Flexible

For players who prioritize flexibility and comfort without compromising performance, the UPCOURT 5 is the go-to option. These lightweight badminton shoes offer a broader section of mesh paneling that creates a softer and more adaptable fit. Whether you’re smashing the shuttlecock or darting across the court for a drop shot, this best sports shoe give you the freedom of movement you need.

Why Choose UPCOURT 5:

  • Lightweight Design: Agility is key in badminton, and the UPCOURT 5 delivers with its lightweight design. You’ll feel nimble and ready to respond to every move on the court.
  • Supportive Midfoot Overlays: Stability is crucial when making those lightning-quick cuts. These shoes feature supportive midfoot overlays that keep you steady during multi-directional movements.
  • Reinforced Toe and Heel: ASICS has reinforced the toe and heel with durable panels, ensuring your shoes last longer and provide the support you need where it matters most.
  • Breathable Mesh: The mesh paneling isn’t just for flexibility; it also enhances breathability, keeping your feet comfortable and dry, even during the most intense rallies.

With UPCOURT 5, you’ll feel like you’re gliding on the court, and your opponents won’t know what hit them. These shoes are all about giving you the edge in terms of speed and maneuverability.

The BLADE FF – Support and Flexibility Combined

Badminton and squash players, pay close attention to the BLADE FF. The best sports shoe is designed with your sport-specific needs in mind. They strike the perfect balance between support and flexibility, essential for those multi-directional movements that define your game.

  • Excellent Support: Quick direction changes are par for the course in badminton and squash. The BLADE FF offers excellent support precisely for those moments when you need to pivot and dash.
  • Lightweight Reinforcement: The shoe’s lightweight reinforcement ensures agility, allowing you to move with speed and precision.
  • X GUIDANCE™ Technology: ASICS has incorporated X GUIDANCE™ technology for improved court coverage. This means increased flexibility, which translates to easier movement on the court.
  • Smooth Landing: The heel wrap-up feature expands the contact area during the landing phase of your stride, resulting in a smoother and more controlled landing, a game-changer for your overall performance.
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The BLADE FF will have you gliding across the court with confidence, making those swift transitions look effortless. This best sports shoe is designed to match the intensity and agility required for sports like badminton and squash.

The GEL-ROCKET 10 – Multi-Purpose Marvel

Lastly, we have the GEL-ROCKET 10, a versatile indoor court shoe suitable for a range of court athletes. These shoes provide good cushioning and support, making them ideal for badminton players who prioritize comfort without compromising on performance.

Why Choose GEL-ROCKET 10:

  • Versatility: The GEL-ROCKET 10 is versatile enough to excel in various indoor court sports. So, if you dabble in badminton, volleyball, or squash, these shoes have got you covered.
  • Flexible Upper: The flexible upper construction allows your feet to move more naturally, enhancing your overall performance and comfort.
  • Trusstic Application: A trusstic application in the outsole improves stability during quick transitions, ensuring you can change direction swiftly and confidently.
  • Functional Support Components: The wrap-up outsole and outrigger are functional support components that prove invaluable during side-to-side movements, giving you the edge during those fast-paced games.

The GEL-ROCKET 10 is your all-in-one solution for indoor court excellence. Whether you’re playing badminton, volleyball, or squash, this best sports shoe has the versatility and support you need to perform at your best.

Final Words

In conclusion, choosing the right footwear for badminton is crucial for your performance on the court. ASICS India offers a range of best sports shoe, each designed to cater to specific needs. Whether you prioritize traction, flexibility, support, or versatility, there’s an ASICS shoe for you.

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So, why wait? Step into the world of ASICS badminton shoes and take your game to the next level!