Cooking with cannabis – are you making edibles wrong?

Cooking with cannabis – are you making edibles wrong?

The public has started to view cannabis differently over the last couple of years, thanks to the changes in legislation around the world, allowing recreational and medical usage in several countries. The public now has better information when it comes to using cannabis and making edibles – a delivery method that gains more popularity daily.

Weed edibles have run the gamut for brownies and Thanksgiving recipes for years, but now chefs promote other ideas on integrating this ingredient into cooking recipes. However, knowing how to use cannabis when cooking requires research and skills to craft a tasty and effective edible. You, like everyone else, are looking for something potent and tasty, and unfortunately, you cannot obtain it if you simply add cannabis seeds or plant fragments in a brownie mix and lob it in the oven.

This article covers all the information required to learn to make weed edibles. Keep reading to find more!

Cooking with cannabis – are you making edibles wrong?

What do you need?

So, you’ve researched the benefits of cannabis and want to make edibles to consume it more discreetly. That’s great. Many users are more at ease in handling cannabis as edibles than smoking it. But when it comes to cooking with cannabis, you must follow a set of instructions and use some tools to ensure the ingredient maintains its potency. You need high-quality ingredients, wooden spoons, a weed grinder, parchment paper if you want to bake edibles, and large pots to mix the ingredients.


Pick the strain

Like with any other food ingredient, picking the right strain for cooking depends on what you want to prepare and when you want to consume it. The simple question is Do you want to eat cannabis-infused food during the daytime or night-time? Remember that cannabis impacts people differently, but indicas tend to encourage sleep and relaxation, while sativas give more energy. Do you want your cannabis-infused meal to make you feel like you could conquer the world or facilitate relaxation after an overwhelming workday?

You can buy autoflowering cannabis seeds if you want to choose the strain you grow and use. If you’re a passionate cannabis user, you’ve probably considered the option of growing your own plants, especially if you want to have the ingredient at hand when you cook.


There’s a reason why people usually prefer to smoke weed or use cannabis-infused oils, balms and lotions. Raw weed isn’t psychoactive, and many experts consider it a superfood because it contains over 400 different chemical compounds, such as acids, essential oils, and vitamins. So, when you begin the process of preparing food with cannabis, you must ensure you preserve all the elements that provide you with health benefits. If you want to feel its effects, you must cook it right. The boiling temperature for THC is 314°F, and overheating the ingredients can lower their potency.

Mistakes to avoid when cooking with cannabis

When you add seeds, cannabis, or other parts of the plant to your food, expect to experience a different high than other consumption methods. Since your body absorbs cannabis through the digestive tract, it’ll take longer to feel the psychoactive or relaxing effects kick in. However, you should also expect for the effects to last longer than if you’d consume cannabis through other methods like vaping. But the trick to enjoying the full effects of edibles is to avoid some mistakes that could ruin your experience.

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Over grinding

The secret to tasty cannabis edibles is not to finely grind the plant. The plant’s resinous trichomes are on the leaves and buds not in them, so you shouldn’t over grind it because you’ll lose some of its properties. Most people have the misconception that you need to grind the plant finely to add it to food, but because the trichomes are found on it, over grinding lowers the amount of trichome material and leaves you only with more plant material. Also, the extract can get an herbal flavour because it loses some of its properties.

You’re using too high temperatures

If you cook foods containing cannabis at a too high temperature, the THC component becomes degraded and breaks down. Don’t use cannabis products when you plan to fry or sauté your food. Also, if you want to bake it, ensure the cannabis is in the batter and keep the oven at less than 375ºF.

You don’t follow the recipe

If you’re a cooking enthusiast, you may already know that not following the recipe can often turn into a disaster. You cannot add an ingredient instead of another and expect the result to be delicious. When you ignore the instructions, you only waste good ingredients and time. Be mindful of the portion sizes, and don’t use more or less cannabis than in the recipe because it’ll influence the effects.

You don’t season the food enough

The stories you’ve heard of people having bad experiences with cannabis edibles are often the result of a neglect to season or flavour the food. The key to avoiding the taste of grass is to use spices like turmeric or cinnamon to add extra flavour to your food. Food doesn’t taste the same way is unseasoned, so don’t neglect to add some extra flavour to your edibles to have a marvellous experience.

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You don’t incorporate the concentrates properly

Using cannabis concentrates like oil when cooking is a joy. You only order the product and add it to your food. Most liquid cannabis products dissolve almost instantly when they get in touch with heat. But if you want to add them to cold or room-temperature foods like sour cream, yoghurt, mayonnaise or other similar products, you should stir them well to incorporate them properly.

Final thoughts

Cannabis lovers think that the future is edible, and if you learn how to add it to your food, you’ll most likely agree with the statement. Cooking marijuana can be a fun and enjoyable experience, as long as you follow the recipe and use the proper amount of cannabis.

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