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Download Minecraft Apk: A virtual and open worldwide video game around the world in Minecraft.


What is Minecraft?

It is the game where players can enchant things by digging, mining and crafting. Minecraft is also called the “Sandbox game” because it is the place where people can experience all the possibilities of the game by creating your own world. It is a game which is developed by “Mojang Studios and it was created by “Markus Notch” which was written in Java programming language.

Download Minecraft Apk

There are many modes in this game by which you can get the best experience of the game. There are four modes of Minecraft which are Creative, Hardcore, Adventure and Spectator. This game can also be played in online with your friends. You can play this game in different platforms such as Smartphone, computer, tablet, Xbox and in a PlayStation. This game is becoming more popular day by day among the primary aged children.

Why Minecraft is so popular?

Minecraft has released in the year 2009 by which it became the most popular game in the world. It is a game which is developed by a small team and became popular because of the children.

 It is a game which has no rules in it. There are no instructions in the game. One and only objective of the game is that “players can explore, play and build however they want.

Children can fight with the villains, make adventures and can also create an existing beautiful world. You can play this game alone or you can also play this game with your friends online.

How to Download Minecraft for PC?

If you are searching for the way for downloading the Minecraft for your PC then, here is an article which helps you to download the game for your PC.

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To download the Minecraft, there are two versions for PC. They are Minecraft for Windows 10 and a Minecraft for the Java Edition. Minecraft for Windows 10 is also called Bedrock. These two versions are different from each other. The updated combat system is not there in Windows 10 but it allows for the cross-play with mobile and Xbox One. Bedrock has the content which the Java edition does not have. If you are having a Java version then you can only play with the other Java players, but this offers you the better modding scene and it is also having many public servers. As there is a free copy of Bedrock in java, then it is better to go with the Java Edition.


So here are the few steps which will help you to download the Minecraft for PC.

  1. The first thing you have to do is you have to go to the Minecraft Website. After going to this website, you will find a picture of Steve and Alex of the Minecraft world. Then on the left side you will find a green box with ‘get Minecraft’. Click on that box.
  2. After clicking on that button you have to choose which version of Minecraft you want to download. You will find options such as mobile, computer, console and others.
  3. Then you want to choose which one to download a Minecraft Java Edition or a Minecraft Windows 10. If you will choose the Windows 10 version, then a Minecraft page will be opened where you will find a ‘buy’ button.
  4. After clicking on that button, you will be directly taken to the Microsoft Store where you can buy that version of the Minecraft game and you can easily install it.
  5. If you want to download the Minecraft the Java Edition, then go to the version of Java and follow the same process to buy the game.
  6. After Installing the Java Edition, then you have to register a new account by using an email address and a password. You have to take care that generic passwords will not be allowed while registering with the Java edition.
  7. After completion of registering, open your email inbox and there you will be received a four-letter code. You have to enter this code and click on verify.
  8. Now it is the time to Buy and Install the Minecraft. You have to enter your card details and enter the amount you have to pay and then click on the purchase button which is at the bottom. After the page is loaded you will find ‘purchase complete screen’.
  9. Then you have to click on ‘Download for Windows’ and then the file ‘MinecraftInstaller.msi” will be auto-downloaded. Now just click on that file and game will install. After installing the game, hit on the Finish button.
  10. A new window will be opened in which you should be logged in using the email address and the password and then click on ‘play’.
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Now you will be ready to play the game and enjoy the world where you will find an endless game.

Different Modes of Minecraft:

As I have already told you that there are four modes of this game. They are Hardcore, Adventures, Creative and Spectator mode. Some detailed information about the modes of Minecraft.

  1. Hardcore Mode:

Hardcore mode is also called as the survival mode. It is a mode which is locked to the hardest settings. This mode is also having a permadeath. The player cannot interact with this mode if the player dies in hardcore mode. Instead, they can be put into the spectator mode and they can explore or delete the entire world.

  1. Creative Mode:

In this mode, you have an option of accessing all the resources of the game. And by using the inventory menu you can remove or place and can also access all the items of the game. Without any disturbances, players can build and create projects of any size.

  1. Adventure Mode:

In order to use the adventures and the user-crafted custom maps and to give the best experience for the players, this mode is designed specially. This gameplay is almost similar to the survival mode. There will be restrictions in this mode which will be applied by the creator of the map. There is a block named command block by using which the map makers can expand their interactions with the players.

  1. Spectator Mode:

 By using this mode, without directly interacting with the other players, one can fly through the blocks and can watch the gameplay. You can access this mode in the PC or the Java edition.

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Are there any age restrictions for playing this game? 

An online video game which is having age restrictions for playing. It says that the children under the age of 13 need the permission of their parents to play the game. It is not illegal to play this game but in the UK, if children under 13 play this game it is against the terms of the site.

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