Is DUI A Serious Charge?

Is DUI A Serious Charge?

Speaking of fighting with the police, it could increase the seriousness of DUI accusations in Utah. The actions you take after being pulled over on suspicion of DUI might hurt your legal rights. During a DUI stop, you must comply with and show consideration for law enforcement. But you do not have to, and shouldn’t, say anything. You should speak with your lawyer right now and decline to make any further inquiries. Make immediate contact with your attorney to get help.

What can I do to cooperate?

There are many ways to react to a law enforcement agent approaching you. Refusing to turn off your engine, put your hands on the steering wheel, or exit your vehicle is unacceptable. You should cooperate right away when asked to complete these responsibilities.

Show courtesy by addressing the police as madam or sir. Stay away from rude behavior and negative attitudes. You should not resist arrest if the circumstances call for it. Make an immediate appointment with a DUI defense attorney.

The police may videotape your interaction with them. This might include bodycam, dashcam, and/or audio footage.

Your words and deeds will thus be documented. Imagine that a jury and judge are observing what you do. Remember that any errors or impolite conduct you display will be held against you.

How Should I Speak to the Police?

Limiting the information you give the police is the first thing you must do. The purpose of the questions the police pose to a suspect in DUI cases is often to accuse them. The officer can ask, “How much have you had to drink tonight?” as an example. If you have had one drink or none at all, do not respond to this question. Say nothing and be mute.

Never even try to justify or explain yourself. Whatever you say might be purposefully misinterpreted because it is being recorded. Your actions during a DUI stop might cause law officers to become even more suspicious of you.

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Nothing that you should admit or confess. This includes consuming alcohol, consuming alcohol in excess, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or breaking any traffic laws. You are free to remain silent, even if you take part in any of these activities. Any statement you make can be twisted or used against you, no matter how careful you are. Make sure that you consult an attorney before speaking about anything that could come back to you.