How to find the perfect denim jacket for your figure

How to find the perfect denim jacket for your figure

Layering is essential in today’s fashion. Not only will you usually be wearing your outfit of the day inside and outside all-day-long, meaning you will need to adapt to various temperatures, but your look needs to be able to withstand different atmospheres and “vibes.”

You don’t want to choose an outfit that is only suitable for a fancy dinner if you are going to be out and about all day. Selecting the right layers for a full day out on the town is essential – this means you need to select basics for your wardrobe that are versatile to wear during multiple occasions, all year round.

One of the most versatile and stylish pieces is this traditionally blue layer that never seems to go out of style. Visit this site for many types of denim jackets.


Guide to choosing denim jackets

Denim jackets are known for their comfort, timeless style, strength, and durability, meaning one piece will last you multiple years. If you’re looking for a jacket that is going to last through different phases of your life and can be worn with almost anything, look no further.

Evaluate the color

One of the most important elements when choosing a denim jacket is going over the color. Some people think that denim jackets are only blue – however, denim jackets range from dark blue, indigo, white, green, black, and many others, giving you the freedom of expression to select which color goes best with your wardrobe and personality.

Denim or denim blend?

Consider whether the ideal jacket for you is 100% denim or a denim blend. When comparing denim jackets, denim blend options are usually less expensive since they feature other fabrics instead of solely denim. If you are a bargain shopper, this is a good option. However, if you want an authentic denim jacket, choosing 100% denim is the way to go.

Zipper or buttons

Do you want the “traditional” silver button-up front for denim jackets or would you rather have the convenience of a zipper? This simple feature can affect the style, aesthetic, and comfort of your jacket. A zipper can be easier to use in a pinch, but the buttons are usually more stylish and give you more flexibility when choosing which buttons to use for your outfit.

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Length and weight

When choosing denim jackets, length is a big factor. Do you want your jacket to be oversized and fit over a sweatshirt? Would you rather have a cropped denim jacket to wear only a light layer for summertime? The length and weight affect the versatility and how often you can wear this jacket throughout the year.


Although the “hipster” movement has turned us away from labels and brands, choosing a long-lasting and reputable brand can ensure your denim jacket is going to withstand the test of time. Do you want to buy a denim jacket from your local Forever 21 shop or would you rather splurge on a Levi jacket?

Although jackets without a reputable brand name may cost less in the short run, they lack the style, aesthetic, quality, and craftsmanship of the more expensive and higher-quality pieces.


The final styling choice when deciding on denim jackets is the pockets – or lack thereof. Do you want a denim jacket with two hand pockets and two chest pockets or would you rather have a more minimalist option?


Denim jackets are a timeless layering option that never goes out of style. With the flexibility to wear over almost any t-shirt, sweater, sweatshirt, or lighter jacket, and the versatility to wear all-year-round, denim jackets should be a featured staple in everyone’s closet.

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