How To Get Google Certification In Adwords, Analytics, Or Website Optimizing

How To Get Google Certification In Adwords, Analytics, Or Website Optimizing

Having a certification in any specific area demonstrates your expertise, knowledge, and experience in that particular field. Moreover, it also states that you are capable of teaching a particular topic to others. Several types of certifications are available today. Google offers multiple certifications in areas, like business, education, and web development. Professionals with a Google certification are highly sought-after by companies, as it is one of the most widely recognized and widely accepted certifications.

Google offers a gamut of certifications in areas, like education, web development, and business. Leading IT education experts Koenig Solutions provide effective training for Google certifications, like GCP certification, Adwords, Analytics, Web Optimization, etc. This organization offers effective and productive one-to-one training. Therefore, candidates are able to pursue Google certificates in areas like Adwords, Analytics, Web Optimization, Google Cloud Platform, and many others.

Google Adwords is an advertising platform, where several businesses and brands advertise that are displayed in the Google search engine results. The Google Adwords Certification allows professionals to demonstrate their knowledge in basic and advanced fields of Google Ads. The Google Analytics Authorized Consultant Certification is not seen often. This certification can’t be earned like the standard individual or business certifications.

The Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant (WOAC) Certification enables candidates to optimize websites and strengthen Google backing. The Google Cloud Platform certification validates professionals for their expertise in using Google’s Cloud services, products, and technologies. GCP certification comes in four different levels. Candidates with professional-level GCP certifications, like a Developer, Data Engineer, Security Engineer, and GCP Architect certification are sought-after by companies.

Google Adwords Certification

The Google Ads Certification validates professionals for their skill sets and proficiency in using Google Ads online advertising platform. Google offers six different AdWords certifications:

1. Google Ads Search Certification

This certification enables individuals to become an expert in developing and optimizing Google Search campaigns. Candidates pursuing this certification can leverage automated solutions, such as Audience Solutions and Smart Bidding to enhance campaign performance.

2. Google Ads Display Certification

This certification validates candidates for their abilities in developing effective and productive Display campaigns and strategies to achieve marketing objectives.

3. Google Ads Video Certification

Candidates possessing this certificate have to demonstrate their abilities in achieving results from Google and YouTube Video advertising solutions. They have to reach the target audience by explaining effective stories on YouTube.

4. Shopping Ads Certification

Professionals with this certificate use and optimize Shopping ads. They have to develop and optimize Shopping campaigns to reach the target audience and increase conversion rates.

5. Google Ads Apps Certification

This certification tests candidates’ knowledge in developing Google Apps campaigns. Professionals must possess in-depth knowledge of optimization strategies and campaign creation.

6. Google Ads Measurement Certification

Certified professionals have to use Google’s measurement solutions to measure and optimize digital ad performance.

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Google Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC) Certification

Pursuing this certification is not like earning business or individual certifications. Below are some prerequisites listed for pursuing the GAAC certification:

  1. One to three successfully finished Google Analytics projects from distinct clients
  2. Record of consistently and proficiently developing speaking engagements or blogs
  3. Should have at least two employees with a successful Google Trainer course
  4. Proof that you offer several analytics services, like training, consulting, configuration, and implementation.

All the above qualify as the initial criteria. Below are some ongoing standards that GAAC should meet:

  1. Should provide a detailed report of all GA projects worked for one quarter. This report should be provided at the end of each quarter, containing results achieved and clients names
  2. Should send at least one employee to Google Analytics Authorized Consultant.

Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant (WOAC) Certification

Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant badge is relatively easier and simpler than GAAC. Like GAAC, this badge also has several prerequisites that professionals should meet.

  • Should successfully design and implement a minimum of three Web Optimizer experiments from three different clients. Moreover, one has to send a screenshot of running tests to inspect deeply
  • Certified skills in white papers, speaking and blogging
  • Offering various services, like training, setup, and consultation, which are dedicated to Google Website Optimizer.
  • Should commit to launching a minimum of three Google Website Optimizer experiments every quarter.
  • Should be able to attend and pass the training of GoogleWebsite Optimizer at a Google office.

If you meet or follow all the above requirements, you can get an excellent opportunity to work in a well-established and dedicated group of companies. Professionals with GAAC can benefit:

  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • An impressive badge
  • A listing on the page of Website Optimizer Partners
  • Elevated technical support
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Possessing a Google certificate or badge and displaying it on your website will appeal to more potential customers. Koenig Solutions is one of the reputed and trusted training organizations, helping candidates to pursue Google certifications, like Adwords, GCP, Analytics, and Web Optimizer with ease. The GCP certification cost at this centre is relatively lower than others.