This is your happy place – learn how to boost your wellbeing

This is your happy place – learn how to boost your wellbeing

Wellbeing. Until a couple of years ago, people didn’t believe it was a thing, and some didn’t even hear about it. 

But we’re in 2022, and everyone is talking about how to boost your wellbeing. And given the turbulent times the pandemic brought, it’s understandable that people search for ways to look and feel better. The lockdowns made it more challenging for everyone to maintain their wellbeing.

So, what can you do to improve your wellbeing? How can you get a sense of it, and what steps should you follow to boost it?

This article provides you with all the information you need. But before listing the tips that should help you, let’s learn a little about wellbeing.

This is your happy place – learn how to boost your wellbeing


What is wellbeing

To understand what the term wellbeing refers to, let’s check its definition in the Dictionary of Psychology. It states that it’s a state of contentment and happiness when you experience good mental and physical health, low levels of stress, and have a good quality of life.

However, even this definition doesn’t provide the entire grasp of wellbeing. The truth is that you’re the only judge of your wellbeing, and you can decide what ‘s best in life for you. Don’t use another individual’s idea of wellbeing to define yours.

But despite being a subjective state, wellbeing has 6 dimensions that are the same for all individuals.

Wellbeing has 6 dimensions

The following six dimensions impact your overall wellbeing, and if you want to improve the way you feel, it’s crucial to consider them.

– Physical wellbeing implies having a healthy body.

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– Mental, psychological, and emotional wellbeing incorporates your emotional and mental health. How you think and feel about yourself has a huge impact on your body, so always keep an eye on the way you navigate challenging times in life.

– Spiritual wellbeing is about your purpose and meaning in life. Have you ever asked how aware you are of your inner life and what your role is in the world? Some people get their answers via religion, while others find the universe, nature, or humanity as their sources of spirituality.

– Relational or social wellbeing implies feeling a connection with others. You need a support network and meaningful connections in your life to feel happy.

– Economic well being refers to fulfilling basic needs like shelter, food, and security.

These six dimensions may seem distinct, but they’re part of the same whole, and only if you check them all you can reach your happy place.

How can you improve your wellbeing?

Create a routine

If you transitioned to working remotely after years of going to the office, your routine changed, and you most likely still try to figure out how to adapt. When working from home, the standard nine-to-five schedule is on hold, you receive a list of tasks you must complete, and sometimes you feel how you fall into bad habits. But the key to boost your wellbeing is to create some structure in your life, even if it has changed over the last two years. Set your alarm in the morning, do your skincare routine, make a coffee, eat breakfast and get dressed. These simple acts can make you feel more motivated and confident. Create a daily schedule, whether it implies completing work tasks, exercising, spending time with your family, or spoiling yourself during the weekend.

Get a massage

To feel better, you need to look your best. Healthcare specialists suggest including facial massages into your daily routine to increase blood circulation, relax muscle tension, add a healthy glow, and reduce wrinkles. You can use a CBD cream to reduce inflammation and relax your muscles as CBD cosmetics wholesale are known for the several benefits they have for all kinds of skin.

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Besides the face massage you can do at home, you can also get a full-body massage at a spa periodically to relieve tension. The massage therapist will make sure to use products compatible with your skin type.

Exercise and stretch

Exercising and stretching are great for your physical and mental health. Work out and stretch regularly if you want to feel and look great. There’s nothing as good as exercising, especially when you work from home and you have few opportunities to be physically active. Stretching prepares your muscles for exercising and relaxes them afterwards. Make sure to include a series of stretches in your daily workouts to prevent injuries and reduce post-workout pain and inflammation. CBD can also help to alleviate post-workout symptoms like soreness, pains, and muscle inflammation. If you exercise regularly, it might be a good idea to buy CBD drink wholesale to get them at a more affordable price.

Your mind appreciates a little exercising, sometimes even more because while you tire your body performing exercises, your mind cannot go to dimensions that cause you stress. Improving your fitness and learning new skills have lasting effects on your self-confidence and self-image.

Pet/Get a pet

Spending time with pets, especially stroking them, can reduce blood pressure and calm you. People with pets find it easier to recover from stress and even physical health issues than those who don’t have one. It would be nice to adopt a pet if you feel lonely and have time and resources to care for one. But if you don’t, you can still get the benefits. You can offer to walk your friends’ dogs, visit a friend who has a cat, or visit the local shelter. You can even foster puppies and kittens until they find their forever home. You’ll still get the benefits from spending time with them.

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Being a pet parent isn’t for everyone, but playing with one can be distracting.

Rediscover your inner child

Remember the hobbies you had as a child. Did you like painting, singing, dancing, or reading? The hobbies that brought you joy as a child will most likely also do it as an adult. Pick your favourite hobby and do something creative that allows you to relax and rediscover your inner child. Only because you grew up, it doesn’t mean you’re no longer creative, you just stopped doing the things you no longer found professional.

Improving your wellbeing can sometimes be challenging, but the above recommendations should help you.

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