Here's Why Your Cat Loves Cardboard Boxes More Than You

Here’s Why Your Cat Loves Cardboard Boxes More Than You!

Here’s Why Your Cat Loves Cardboard Boxes More Than You: Why your cat does is more in interested in your boxes more than their toys that you bring them?Owners are baffled on the idea of cats loving the boxes more than anything else in the world, no matter how expensive, amazing, interactive, or colorful it is as compared to a plain boring cardboard box.

Here's Why Your Cat Loves Cardboard Boxes More Than You!

How about seeing your cat in a box of her new bed instead of the bed?

Ouch! It hurts. Or trying to fit into the small box of the rattler that her mum gifted your cat? It is unacceptable. But there must be something more special to these Cardboard Boxes just like we prefer our favorite tee over anything else no matter how amazing and better it looks as compared to the one that seems like it survived an apocalypse.

Well, there are a lot of reasons that cats are more into boxes than other things, but the one that outreach every other reason is that they are confined.

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Here’s Why Your Cat Loves Cardboard Boxes More Than You!

Safety is Priority:

Safety is an instinct in every living being. Boxes made up of cardboard are enclosed and thus gives a sense of security to the cats, which is why they love spending time in them.

Reduce Stress:

Here's Why Your Cat Loves Cardboard Boxes More Than You!

Cats also love these boxes because it helps in reducing stress. It offers a safe zone to the cats because they are observant and like places where no one touches them and they can keenly do their job.

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Have you ever noticed that when a new person comes in the cats run and hide in places where they are not easily found?

It is because a cardboard box is also proved stress reliever because cats like to run and hide in stressful situations.

Predating nature:

Cats are ambush predators and they are always in need of a place that is confined, where they can hide and hunt their prey.


A recent study at the University of Utrecht has recently discovered another reason why cats are in love with cardboard cartons.

In the study, shelter cats were grouped into two groups. One of the groups was assigned boxes and other were not. It discovered that the cats with the boxes recovered quickly than the cats that were not given the boxes. It shows that they help in adapting to the situation of the environment in a better way.

A Better Insulator:

Another most amazing feature, which makes these boxes the most loveable by the cats is that they are great for giving warmth. They work as a great insulator that encourages your cats to curl up and get cozier and relaxed.

Just Curious:

Besides everything, cats are the most notoriously curious creature on Earth. There is no surprise that whenever you bring something home they are the one to get into the shopping bags and check the stuff. Cardboard cartons serve as the most curious play toy for cats. They love to rub along things and enjoy their time.

The Texture of the Boxes:

Texture plays an important role in getting the right feel. Cardboard has a very smooth and fine finish that cats love to feel. They lay around in the boxes and love to rub their bodies. Not only they want to play with it but these boxes are very crisp and cats love to bite and chew them.

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Here's Why Your Cat Loves Cardboard Boxes More Than You

Cardboard is the most effective in creating a comfy house for the cats and if they love it so much why not use cheap cardboard boxes to make them a perfect house they like to live in happily.

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Wholesale cardboard boxes are cheapest than other alternatives. Custom cardboard boxes USA are not only cheap but also sustainable that adds to the betterment of the environment we live in.

Well, using cardboard cartons for your cats is a win-win situation for everyone as these boxes are sustainable, your cats love them, you do not have to get an extra house for your cat if it is willing to spend its life happily in these boxes.

To make them look more appealing you can DIY them in different shapes and sizes plus ass some printing, labeling or maybe custom stickers. The options are not limited, for instance, use of rattles or fur balls at the lid of the box makes the more entertaining and interactive for the cats.

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