How to create a website with godaddy website builder

How to create a website with godaddy website builder

How to create a website with godaddy website builder: There is a simple way you can quickly build your site and get it to your audience and customers. In this content we are going to discuss how to build a site? , It may seem a bit difficult to answer this question, but in this step-by-step guide, we are going to introduce you to site design or, better to say, site-building (site management system) and how it works. To teach you. For example godaddy site

arenteiro how to create a website with godaddy website builder

How to build a site? Who is suitable?


How to create a website builder php

This article is for people who are looking to build a site that will give them their first experience in the web and explore how they work and manage. So how can we build content for a site? Can work for and help people in the following categories:

Small Businesses
Personal Websites or Blogs
Online Stores

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The first step in building a site is choosing a site design platform

Before you want to think about your site’s graphic design and color scheme and your domain name and host, you need to think about and decide which platform to use for your site. Hotstar app download for pc

arenteiro how to create a website with website builder

Let’s go back a little bit to Year 2, when I was just starting to get into the web development profession, most sites were built using the following three things and learning all three is just one thing. Small (albeit annoying) for a web developer.

HTML (code)
CSS (code)
PHP (code)

Learning these three things was very time-consuming and made many people get in the way of problems, of course, as I and many other people were interested in working in the field as it should continue to be acceptable. We gave and we learned.

But basically, from my experience, I don’t recommend programming from scratch (although not for the professional) it may take a few years to get experience and use up-to-date techniques, even if it may take you a few years. Do not be content with the output of the site you have created and are discouraged on the way to progress and discontinue pursuing it.

In fact, it can be said that learning and using HTML and PHP takes time, because if you are to pursue them professionally, you will feel certain complexities in these languages, which you need to become professional Spend time in them.

But the interesting point is:

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Most people and organizations use Content Management System (CMS) to build and manage their website, which makes it easy and seamless. I also suggest that if you are just starting out, be sure to use content management systems.

What is a CMS? Are they free?

As for free or paid content management systems, the most popular and well known content management systems or CMSs are free.

We can say that Content Management Systems (CMSs) are a web-based and user-friendly content management platform, which you can use to build site with programming languages ​​instead of HTML, CSS, PHP. Money Making Apps for Android Phones in India

A content management system is a good choice for a variety of websites, businesses and organizations because:

arenteiro how to create a website with website builder

They have Copy and Paste functionality and you can copy and paste your content from software such as Micrsofot Word, or you can easily change the content structure if needed.

When using a content management system, you do not need to hire a person to maintain the site and provide permanent support or maintenance of the site, and you can do all the activities at your own convenience.

When using CMS, you don’t need to buy expensive software to create pages and internal site changes.

Using CMS is very simple and user friendly.
You don’t need to be a developer when you change the site.
Once you decide to change the domain of your site, you can easily make and use changes.

And thousands of other features that have made content management systems so popular.

Which CMS or CMS should I use?

I think the headline is the question of many users on the web and are desperately looking for an answer that can save them the confusion that maybe the following statistics may help you, given recent statistics:

WordPress –
Drupal WordPress – Drupal
Joomla – Joomla

As you can see in the screenshot, over 5% of sites use WordPress on the web, with over 5 million sites.

If you would like to know more about Content Management Systems (CMS) you can read the comprehensive WordPress, Joomla and Drupal comparison article. And if you are not interested in building your own site with WordPress, you can also see Drupal tutorials and Joomla tutorials, as well as HTML5 tutorials.

However, in most cases Joomla and Drupal are very difficult for newcomers to the Internet so I recommend using WordPress to get started.

Why would I recommend using WordPress?

How to create a website with godaddy website builder Why would I recommend using WordPress?

For the reasons I have listed below I suggest using WordPress. I have tried to tell you the best so you can feel the difference between content management systems.

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1. WordPress is free:

WordPress is publicly available free of charge under its business policy, is free of charge and is free to download and install, and updates to this content management system are free of charge, On the other hand, it has a large community of users and fans who can let you know if you have a problem.

WordPress is very flexible:

If you can make good use of Microsoft Word, which means you have the ability to work with WordPress and embed content, then no worries. On the other hand you can extend WordPress with free plugins in the areas your site needs. To get started with WordPress, you can take a look at its six templates.

You don’t need to learn coding:

You don’t need professional learning HTML, CSS, PHP when you use WordPress CMS. And you can easily use WordPress. Unless you need to make some minor changes to the site structure, you can also do some basic learning.

You have a large network of developers:

Many web designers and programmers use WordPress to integrate their sites and clients into this content management system, which means you can get expert help quickly.

WordPress is great for small and large sites:

From sites to online stores, WordPress can run them and be responsive to the needs of users and managers, and WordPress has been used by ebay, Mozilla, Google, CNN and even NASA.

Step Two: Build Your Site, Host, and Buy Your Domain

arenteiro: Build Your Site, Host, and Buy Your Domain

First, let’s check out the important things together. Before you start your site with WordPress or any other content management system, you need two things:

Domain Name (Required): This is the name of your website, such as:
Host (Mandatory): A space where your site and information are stored on the Internet. (Like a hard drive but on the internet)

Now let’s explain the options above:

  1. Domain Name:

arenteiro Build Your Site, Host, and Buy Your Domain

Domain name is an important aspect of your site and makes it easy for users to remember or introduce it to one another.


Hosting is a space that allows you to keep your information and files on the Internet and only you can access it. It’s actually like a hard drive that works on the Internet and you can keep files on the site.

For hosting and domain you can use web hosting companies. The costs are different for each company and the scope is different.
Domain Name Tips:

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If you are creating a site for your company or business, you need to make sure that your domain name matches your business or business name. For example: Your company name is Aria and your domain should be branded as follows:
If you are planning to create a personal website for yourself, it is best to give your domain name a name.  For example:

Domain names usually with extensions:


Are included, each for a specific use but com domain. It is an international domain and is more popular among webmasters, and recently extends to different domains such as pizza. For pizzas or the site itself, the site address is typed in Persian:
but my suggestion:

My suggestion is to choose a domain name with a suffix that accurately reflects the type of business or theme of your site so that you can get in touch with your audience quickly, and before entering your site a Create a mentality in their minds about exactly what field you are working in. And the next point is to be fluent and to be able to remember it.

If you need more help how to choose a domain name article? Read.

Step Three: Build a Site, Install a Word Press Website

Once you’ve purchased your host and domain, you’re ready to install and use Word Press CMS on your host.

We only teach WordPress installation tutorials on the host that has the WordPress installation option, but in the next articles we will review the WordPress installation tutorial manually.


Once you have set up your own hosting company, you can log in with your username and password and choose the Web site module and WordPress installation, most companies will charge a fee for installing this content management system. They also get a bit of a quick launch of WordPress for you and you can enjoy and use your own site. DOWNLOAD VIDMATE FOR PC

It goes without saying that you must also create a database or database before creating a website to store your information and content management system, which you can ask your hosting company to do during installation.

Congratulations! You were able to launch a simple WordPress website in just a few steps. In the following articles we will talk more about other site makers.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment in the comments section.

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