Check ICICI Bank Credit Card Application Status: Your ICICI CREDIT CARD APPLICATION STATUS can be applied and tracked easily online. In the country, we do not have enough time in the bank to visit your nearest application status for bank verification.

Once you have applied for your ICICI credit card, you can also use various techniques to check the status of your application. It involves using your application number to check the status of your application or using your mobile number, date of birth, and OTP to monitor your identification status.


ICICI Credit Card Application Status

In 1994, ICICI Bank was founded as a completely and totally-owned company by the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI), an Indian financial institution.

You can easily create an online bank account and also get the bank account with your Smartphone via SMS. It was everyone who decided to switch from debit to credit card. Banking institutions are proceeding to send credit cards that have household customers. To apply for a credit card and provide information via the phone, you can contact the bank online, and you can track the application by following the Website.

How to Track ICICI Bank Credit Card Application Status Online

To check the online credit card status, you can follow these simple steps. Ensure that the following documents are kept handy to avoid mid-way confusion:

  1. Registration form including contact number
  2. Phone numbers
  3. Date of birth, etc… As suggested in the registration form.
Credit card status using mobile number, DOB, and ID number:

 ICICI credit card application status using application number

  1. To register for Track Credit Card Application, press the button here.
  2. This website searches for your mobile number and you’re’ User ID. ‘
  3. Once the details are entered, click on the ‘Track application’ button to get all the information.
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The progress in transactions can be shown as soon as you hit, making sure the information you provide is right. woodforest bank login

ICICI Credit card application status using the date of birth:

The online form on the left side of the page can be used to check the status if you don’t remember your application number.

  1. To register for Track Credit Card Application, press the button here.
  2. Full application with registered mobile number, date of birth left hand, and press’ send OTP ‘.
  3. On your mobile number, you can obtain a one-time password (OTP). In the next section, join the same and press Continue.
  4. Whether the data registered is right, the status of your application will be revealed as soon as you begin completion.

 icici banks APPLICATION

ICICI credit card application current status?

In-progress: You will get the status as ‘In Progress’ when the Bank is still reviewing the document.

On-hold: You will be offered the “On-hold” status if the Bank has kept your application on hold for any reason. The explanations for this would be insufficient documents or information.In a specific situation, if the Bank needs more information or documentation from you, the team responsible will call you to request the same. After the holes have been filled, the activation of the credit card continues.

Approved: When your application is approved, you can find the ‘Approved’ status. Congratulations will receive your card soon at the address provided in the document.

Delivered: Once your card has been sent, your status will tell you the same. When you receive a message confirming that your card has been sent, you should expect the card within 2-3 working days.Get out there at the postal address, as the card will be sent only to the candidate. It would be a smart choice for the working professionals to receive the card on time to provide their office address instead of the residential address.

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Disapproved: A ‘disapproved’ status states that your request was denied because you did not meet the Bank’s eligibility criteria.At least in principle, you should generate the same message often directly as SMS automatically, stating that your application has been rejected without specifying the intent. You can call Customer Care at ICICI bank if you want to address the reasons for the rejection.

No records found: When you submit wrong information, the program returns with a status of ‘No records found. ‘To get the status changed, enter the correct details again.

Check ICICI Bank Credit Card Payment Status Offline:

You can still know the status of your credit card when you cannot access the internet by calling the ICICI banking customer toll free number.Toll-free ICICI credit card transaction status number: 1800-102-4242

The above number has to help you get in contact with customer care representatives of ICICI bank for all credit card related queries. An organization is offered at 9 a.m. At 6 p.m. Five days a week, Monday through Friday.Sometimes you really may also check the local branch of ICICI bank to get to know your application details.


From the above steps you can Check ICICI Bank Credit Card Application Status. If you find the article helpful, then please share it on your social networking sites.

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