Bank of Baroda Balance Enquiry


Bank of Baroda check balance: Simply make a missed call for basic account Transactions. In order to provide customers with trouble-free and easy banking services by using technology, Bank launched Missed Call facility for Balance Enquiry.


Bank of Baroda check balance

Most of all regular customers including those who have registered their mobile number can get their account balance by simply making a missed call from their registered mobile phone number to: 8468001111.


After the first ring, the call made to the above number will automatically disconnect. The customer will then receive an SMS containing the last four digits of the account and the current account balance.

Guidelines to use this balance enquiry facility:

  • Customers should register their mobile number with the bank.
  • Bank account eligible for this facility will be under SB, CA, OD, and CC Scheme.
  • Bank customers are required to give missed call from their registered mobile number to the number mentioned above.
  • The above service is available only for resident accounts, i.e. only for domestic numbered mobile accounts. In certain words, no SMS will be sent to customer with overseas country code / mobile number.

Bank of Baroda Balance Enquiry


You must register your mobile number with your bank account in order to know the Bank of Baroda (BOB) balance enquiry.

To check your Baroda Bank (BOB) account balance you need to dial this number at 846801111 because after dialling the number the call will be Automatic Disconnect. Here you will get an SMS for your mobile phone in a few seconds, so you can see your account balance. The missed call service can be used up to 3 times daily by a person.

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In which every customer has multiple bank accounts, the bank will send the customer a maximum of 320 words of 2 SMS in your inbox. The customer must use the SMS service provided by the bank to check the balance of the second bank account. HDFC securities

Bank of Baroda Balance Check by SMS

When you have more than 1 account in your BOB bank then you can use the SMS service to check your balance and send a message to this 8422009988 by writing < BAL 9999 > BAL and the last four digits of your account.


Please keep in mind that the number you sent should be registered with the bank. Quickly as soon after that you’ll get a message that will write down your bank account balance.

Bank of Baroda Balance Enquiry for Mini Statement

In the Bank’s effort to provide trouble-free and convenient and comfortable banking services to customers, Digital Banking has provided yet another customer-centric service, i.e. “Missed Call” for Mini Statement. Customers who have registered their mobile number can receive a Mini Account Statement by simply making a missed call from their registered mobile number to: 846801122 by using this service.

The main feature of this facility is as follows:

  • There is no charge to the entire facility.
  • Bank of Baroda Balance Enquiry is available 24X7 for this facility.
  • The balances of accounts under Savings Bank (SB), Current Account (CA), Overdraft (OD), and Cash Credit (CC) will be delivered around this facility.
  • Customers with the same mobile number may have multiple accounts. Within this case, customers will be sent SMS of a maximum length of 320 characters (2 SMSs).
  • Customers can use SMS Banking Services or call our Contact Centre for the remaining accounts.
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  • Customer will make maximum use of this facility 3 times per a day.
  • The Customer calls these numbers. The device will disconnect the call after a single ring and then check that the call is from the Registered Mobile Customer Number and forward the answer to the SMS.
  • The system checks, in the case of multiple accounts with the same mobile number, whether the customer has registered his preferred account number.
  • In the case that a preferred account number has not been registered by the customer, an SMS will be sent to the customer to register his preferred number for use with similar account services.
  • Mini Statement is valid only once a day.
  • The preferred account number can be registered by the customer by sending an SMS “REG < Last 4 digit account no.” REG 0811 to 9176612303 (Normal Charges) or Premium Charges (5616150). At any point in time, customers can change preferred account number by sending SMS as preferred account number to another account number registered.


I hope that you got all the information about How to Check Bank of Baroda Balance by SMS, Missed Call, Mini statement. If you have any questions regarding how to check your BOB balance please let us know n comment section.

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