How to Instill Good Eating Habits In Children

How to Instill Good Eating Habits In Children

Some nights, it can feel like a real chore just trying to get your little ones to try some broccoli. If you struggle with getting your kids to practice healthy eating habits, you’re far from alone. Most parents at some point wonder about how to instill good habits, how to boost child immunity and how to teach kids the practices that will serve them well their whole lives.

Even if you provide a varied diet and supplement with Wellements organic multivitamin drops, your strategy might just need a little tweaking. If this has been a struggle at home, these ideas could help you instill good eating habits.

Break Down Ingredients With Older Kids and Explain the Pros and Cons

If your kids are past their toddler years and still insisting on junk foods, it may be helpful to break down the ingredients lists of their favorite items with them. You can familiarize yourself with what the safe preservatives for children are and go down the list for each food, explaining the health benefits or disadvantages for the major ingredients.

Consistently Provide a Rich, Varied and Nutritious Diet

Children and adults alike usually tend to crave what they’re familiar with and eat frequently, so if you introduce your kids to a wide range of foods and eat a healthy diet at home, they’ll be more likely to be open to other nutritious foods. Make sure to consistently offer a rich variety of foods, including major groups like:

  • Grains and starches
  • Proteins like meat, fish, beans or tofu
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Healthy fats
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It is, of course, fine to offer your kids treats once in a while. However, when you do, you may want to use it as a teaching moment to explain to the kids that treats are meant to be just that – treats! If they eat certain high-sugar, high-fat or high-salt foods too often, it would not only be less of a “treat” but could be less healthy for them as well.

Get Your Kids To Help Out With Food Preparation Frequently

Study after study has suggested that when children help prepare a certain dish, they’re far more likely to try eating it and be open-minded about liking it. One strategy to handle picky eaters is to ask them to help out with food prep, cooking and other kitchen tasks that are safe for children with adult supervision. When your kids have worked hard to put together that salad or quinoa dish, they might be more curious about tasting the food, too.

Any parent knows that it’s not always easy getting kids to try new foods, much less convincing them to adopt healthy eating habits every day. Making sure children understand the core tenets of healthy eating is, however, one of the critical life skills that will serve them well forever, so it should be a top priority. With some of these tips and ideas, you can simplify the task and learn to instill good food habits in your little ones.