Signs that you need to replace your mattress

Is it Time to Replace Your Mattress?

Sleeping is one of the essential parts of your daily life, and the bed and your mattress play a significant role in your good sleep. However, you will eventually notice some changes to your mattress. The comfort it provides is slowly deteriorating.

Buying a new mattress sounds expensive, but you have to keep in mind that it is also a good investment. A bad mattress can keep you from resting well, and some illnesses such as kidney disease, diabetes, and heart disease are linked to improper sleep. Moreover, you can always find a Sealy mattress sale where you can get it at an affordable cost.

Furthermore, old mattresses could be home to dust mites and other allergens. This could worsen or cause symptoms if you have allergies, asthma, and lung problems. A study shows that the mattress contains the highest number of dust mites in your home.

Signs that you need to replace your mattress

You will need to replace your mattress if you notice some sagging and lumps or when you start feeling the coil through the fabric.

When the coils are worn, they are no longer capable of providing the right support for your body. When they start to squeak as you move, the coils are already worn, which will have a considerable effect on the overall quality of your mattress.

Another sign that you need to replace your mattress is when you start feeling body pains and stiffness. If this is happening, it means that the mattress can no longer provide the support and comfort it used to. According to the study, a new mattress can improve your sleep and lessen back pain.

If you have asthma or allergies, then your mattress has collected too many dust mites and allergens. Regular cleaning and vacuuming can help; however, if the symptoms persist, you need a new mattress.

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Besides the signs of aging, you know that it is time to replace your mattress if it cannot support the heavier weight. Whether you gain weight or add a sleeping partner, you will notice some uncomfortable changes. Moreover, if you think your mattress is good for two, but for some reason, you feel some movement when your partner moves, you need a new one. Old mattresses lose their ability to minimize motion transfer.

Can you make your mattress last longer?

Taking good care of your mattress can help you make it last longer, allowing you to enjoy quality sleep for more years. It is possible to make your mattress last longer with some extra care:

  • Only clean the mattress as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Protect the mattress from spills, debris, and dust.
  • Promote even wear by rotating the mattress every three to six months.
  • Make sure that it is well supported by a foundation.
  • Don’t let your pets play on your bed to keep it safe from scratches or chewing.
  • Keep your kids from jumping to avoid coil damage.
  • Allow proper ventilation in your room to lessen moisture and dust buildup.

You spend a third of your day on the bed, and getting quality sleep is crucial to your health. This is why investing for a new, high-quality mattress should be included on your priority list. You can always find a Sealy mattress for sale in your favorite offline or online stores.

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