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Japan’s Best: Citizen Watches You Should Get Today

Citizen timepieces have been a means to reveal the fashionable style of the professional man. No matter what the event is – may it be in a full suit and tie or a business casual – these timekeepers from Citizen do enhance the class and attractiveness of the outfit worn.


Japan’s Best: Citizen Watches You Should Get Today

Check these Citizen watches that you should consider adding in your collection. Here are eight of them.

Ion-Plated Axiom 

Move over to the dark surface with this stunning, sleek, and moody-looking minimalist timepiece. In matte black by a linked-leather strap, this Ion-Plated Axiom Citizen watch upgrades any outfit without striving too hard.

Men’s Stainless Steel Corso Watch

This timepiece symbolizes business and is excellent for individuals who are like-minded or desire to possess a professional look. It is simple and classy while still being a standard stainless steel timepiece that’s pretty pricey. 

The watch face is created out of a mineral that is robust enough to resist scratches. There is also a dial that you can push to stimulate a security framework if you happen to drop it.

Eco-Drive Quartz Titanium

If you are searching for a stainless steel and titanium wristwatch that’s not too bulky, this is the Citizen model that you must check out.

The brand’s Men’s Quartz Titanium is a timepiece that looks wonderful with formal or casual wear, so you can mostly carry it every day.

Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch

Sports watches are famous for a reason, and the Citizen’s Perpetual Calendar Chronograph timepiece is definitely a must-have. The watch has all the features on top of the good looks. It is a stainless steel metal that has a face fixed to resemble diamonds. You can put this watch on to elegant dinner gatherings or dazzle strangers at a party. 

AR Eco-Drive with Pinstripe Dial

The AR is a large, striking black timepiece with a stylish appeal intended to keep time with a distinct age group of Citizen wearers. The brand has endeavored to produce the AR more than a durable timepiece – it is a beautiful looking accessory with an edgy vibe at a not so hurtful price. 

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Men’s Chandler Eco-Drive Watch

When talking about the Citizen watches, its Chandler Eco-Drive watch is one of the most realistic, with robust good looks at a reasonable price. This military-inspired timepiece goes hand in hand with a sturdy green canvas wristband to keep you on time, whether you’re out in the field or out about town.

Nighthawk Citizen Watch

Everybody understands that black works great with anything – and that’s where the Nighthawk watch from Citizen comes in. It has a smooth black metal band that attaches to the watch’s black base. The watch face is secured with charcoal and black material that makes it attract attention. 

Eco-Drive Titanium Perpetual Chronograph Watch

Owning the necessary materials to stay in control, giving close attentiveness to details, and making relevant decisions that demand actions are only some of the features and functionalities you present with the Citizen’s AT4010-50E Titanium Perpetual Chrono Dress Watch.

Make no mistake about it – this timepiece carries out many potential signs and makes you look perfect in an extensive range of conditions.


Citizen watches embodies class, sophistication, and high quality. The wristwatches of this recognized Japanese company always convey the durability and quality (on top of the beautiful looks) as their hallmark. It is no surprise they work well with any attire from sporty, powerful, expensive, elegant, and even to the uniform. There’s something eternal and classic about putting on these stylish yet functional timepieces from Citizen.

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