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What Is it Like for Americans Living in Australia?

Moving to Australia is a fantastic way to see more of the world and learn about different cultures, and more people have made the move than you’d think. An estimated 25,000 ex-pats from the US live in Australia, and researching what life is like down under is wise before planning a move. You’ll find many similarities in the best places in Australia and some stark differences.

The Americans living in Australia have discovered that it’s a beautiful country with unspoiled landscapes, but there’s more to living among Aussies than the outback. Making some adjustments when moving to another country is natural, and you’re sure to fall in love with your new home.

Luckily, you’ve found this helpful guide to the best tips to learn before investing in Australian real estate and planning your move. Continue reading to learn more about life down under today!


Australia Is Huge

Maps don’t do Australia justice, and many Americans living in Australia make the mistake of believing it’s a smaller nation than their original home. Removing Alaska from the equation puts the US and Australia in a virtual deadlock for geographical size.

Many people move to Australia thinking driving from one coast to the other is simple. The drive is similar in distance to a journey from New York City to Los Angeles.

Understanding the size of your new home country is critical when planning a move. Keep the size in mind when shopping for Australian real estate. Learn more on cross collateral loans when you find the perfect home in Australia.

Living Off-Grid

Another difference in the lifestyle in Australia is the ability to live off-grid. The United States is more densely populated, and finding an escape in nature is challenging. You’ll lose service on your mobile device when you leave a town or settlement.

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It’s critical to communicate to friends and colleagues where you’re going and when you’ll be there. The outback is far more remote than anywhere in the United States beyond Alaska.

Weather Is Flipped

A shocking realization for many Americans living in Australia is the seasonal change. The seasons are flipped compared to the US, with summer occurring in Australia while frigid temperatures ravage the US. Australian weather doesn’t vary too much, but it’s still a fact of life you’ll need to come to terms with.

The Metric System

Australia uses the metric system for distance, speed, and beyond. The most notable difference is when driving in Australia, as you’ll notice the gauges measure kilometers per hour. Learn the metric system before planning your move to Australia to acclimate seamlessly.

Join Other Americans Living in Australia Today

Thousand of Americans living in Australia enjoy a happy and peaceful life down under, and it’s worthwhile to explore joining their ranks. Learning the metric system and comprehending the sheer size of Australia is beneficial when shopping for Australian real estate and driving in-country. It’s also vital to understand how remote much of the country is.

Moving and traveling abroad is a fantastic way to expand your worldview and learn about new ideas. Check out more of our Travel content for the inspiration to explore the world!