How to Make Your Car Monsoon-Proof

How to Make Your Car Monsoon-Proof?

There’s something really romantic and nostalgic about the rainy season. Apart from the fact that the rains are such a welcome respite from the scorching summers in India, there are quite a few little joys associated with it. It makes us want to curl up near our window with a book and a steaming cup of tea or dance our hearts out enjoying the rain. However, the same blissful feeling isn’t shared by our cars. Despite the fact that skies are clearer and cars are cleaner, our roads are a huge mess after the monsoon showers. Potholes, clogged roads, and heavy traffic could be a nightmare for anyone venturing out to drive in the rains.

We cannot control the rains or the damages caused. However, we can definitely protect ourselves and our cars by being prepared in advance. It can relieve you of any stress that you are bound to get after a heavy rain, and instead enjoy the rain and the pleasant weather. Your car insurance can protect your car from certain damages or losses caused. This is why it is best for you to be prepared in advance to save you a lot of money and stress. Here are certain things you can do to make your car monsoon-proof.

How to Make Your Car Monsoon-Proof?

  • Brace Yourself:

    Though driving in the rainy weather can be a little relaxing and romantic, a trip to the garage during rains is no fun. So, it is important to make sure to get your car serviced before the start of the monsoon season. Also, if your car has any issues, you would do well to get them fixed before rainy weather sets in.

  • Steer Away from Water-Logged Roads:

    Though we may enjoy a walk or a long drive in the rain, your car surely won’t appreciate it. Driving/Parking your car in a water-logged road can cause damage to your car. Try not to drive or even push your car through such roads, until the water is drained out.

  • Check your Tyres:

    When you get your car serviced at the garage, it is important to ensure that the tires are in good condition. They are in direct contact with the surface of the roads and hence can be more vulnerable to damage. Having tires with good tread depth is important. They will provide you a good grip on the slippery roads and can be perfect for a highway drive during the monsoon.

  • Keep it Clean:

    One of the major reasons for accidents during the rainy season is the lack of visibility. The windshield wipers installed to help you with visibility should be ideally changed after every summer. Overexposure to heat in summers can damage them. Get them changed regularly to ensure clear visibility. Ensure your wiper fluid is also replenished as per need.

  • Test Your Brakes:

    Apart from pleasant and chill weather, slippery roads are also a part of the rainy season. Your car needs your brakes in a mint condition more than ever. They might have to perform doubly during the season, so get them thoroughly checked and lubricated to avoid snapping. While you are at it, you could also get your brake pads, discs and brake fluid checked or changed.

Though these tips can come a long way in helping your car, a car insurance policy is the one that offers your car ultimate protection from any damages and losses. Get your car insured and get the ultimate protection!

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