Meet the team of All in solutions Opiate addiction treatment centre

Meet the team of All in solutions Opiate addiction treatment centre

All in solutions recovery centre is a safe place for patients who are interested in changing their lives. The place is established for the people who are suffering from Opiates, substance abuse and alcohol addiction. The team of the centre contains some interesting Personalities about whom we are going to talk about in this following article.

Meet the team from All in solutions faith based recovery program

All in solutions have a team that focuses on the results equally as the process. They believe they all are driven at one place for a purpose and that purpose was to search for needy people and help them. Life is important and if you see yourself ruining your life, step up and approach All in solutions drug rehab new jersey or Florida centre.

The team works to enhance the centre as well as the patient receding and approaching it. The aura of the centre speaks tranquillity and peace along with encouraging the patient for treatment. They use relevant and proven ways for treatment and go along with the pace of the patients.

Following are the important bodies of the All in solutions faith based recovery program team:

  • Luke Peck – Luke Peck is the founder of the All in solutions organization. He is in the Management team and can be located in Palm Beach, Florida. The name of the organisation was decided by this man who got inspiration from an inspirational speaker in his long journey of treatment. The name proves that When all will come in a Group together, they can do better than they could have done when alone. The dream of Luke Peck has allowed him to build a place for all those who want a change in their lives and they are done living like nobody in this world where opportunities and happiness are easier to find than humans think.
  • Michael Maddaloni – Michael Maddaloni is a proof BSW of the organisation. He works in the Management section and is responsible to handle all the organisational operations and affairs. He can be found in both the branches of All in solutions Opiate treatment centre, Palm Beach Florida and Cherry hill New Jersey. Throughout his life, he unwantedly gained a good amount of knowledge to cure substance abuse issues and it automatically led him to become one of the founders at All in solutions firm. Mr Maddaloni, as a leader in the treatment group, is capable of demonstrating clinical and as well as administrative background.
  • Matthew Amato – Matthew Amato is proudly the Chief strategy officer and Admissions oversight. He belongs to the team Management and can be found in both the branches accordingly. Matthew was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia and has been an active member in healing since the 1st of October, 2013. Matthew, with his personal experience and education about substance abuse, helps in critical cases at All in behavioural solutions centre.
  • Dr Allen Masry – Dr Allen plays more than one role at All in solutions centre. He is the DFAPA, MD, Medical Director and FASAM. Dr Allen can be found in both the branches and stays in the Clinical team. Dr Allen has been practising both Adult and addiction psychiatry and has been board certified in both.
  • Kate Greenwald – Kate Greenwald is the Clinical Director of All in solutions centre. She stays in the clinical section and works at Cherry Hill, New Jersey branch. The start of her career for Kate was at New Jersey State prison and she has been with All in solutions since 2018. She states that when all the staff would come together every morning with smiles on their faces and join hands for the empowerment of the people who are suffering, then no traces of failure can be found.
  • Albert Zingariello – Albert Zingariello is the Clinical Director and stays in the clinical section of the firm. He can be found in Palm Beach Florida. Albert took Art’s degree in psychology and passed the higher studies by earning his master’s degree in Social work in 2012 at Florida Atlantic University.
  • Michael Zornberg – Michael Zornberg is the Program Director and can be located at Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Surprisingly, Michael was one among the patients who got admitted at All in solutions Opiate addiction treatment centre in early 2018 and has experienced the treatment for recovering from addiction.
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Meet the team of All in solutions Opiate addiction treatment centre

  • Melissa Giunta – Melissa Giunta is the Director of Business development. Stays in Cherry hill NJ and works in the Management section. The start of her career for Melissa was sad as one of her loved ones was wrapped in the traps of addiction. Getting motivated by the same, she joined All in solutions drug rehab in New Jersey.
  • Jordan Weiss – Jordan Weiss is the Director of Admissions. Works in Management group and can be found in both the branches of All in behavioural solutions firm. Jordan was successful in her theories and ideas and had turntables on the disease of addiction.
  • Michael Gasparino – Michael Gasparino is the director of Outreach and Community relations. He works in the Management group and can be found in Palm beach branch of All in solutions centre. The unique ability to generate a safe place that calms one around himself has made Michael a staple in the organisation.
  • George Reynolds – George Reynolds is the facility director at All in solutions centre and stays in Florida. He is from the management team and started his career in 2012 in the substance abuse field. Observing how one by one his family and relatives were jumping into the addiction hole, he had to do something to make everything good again.

These were only the Major bodies of All in solutions organization. However, the staff and doctors are equally given value and support. All in solutions is together a huge family of people has set one goal in their minds, that is, to create a place where addicts come in and leave like a normal human, with a new start to their lives.

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