Moving During The Pandemic: Apps To Use To Ensure A Seamless Transition

Moving During The Pandemic: Apps To Use To Ensure A Seamless Transition

Moving During The Pandemic: Generally speaking, moving from one place to another can be a bit challenging and complicated, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. With all the safety protocols that need to be followed and the travel restrictions that should be kept in mind, the entire process can be a lot more stressful than relocating without the global health emergency crisis. 

Luckily, the transition can be more manageable with the help of moving apps you can find online. Whether you’re organizing the move or cutting down all your belongings, there’s an app that will allow you to move with ease, efficiency, and security. 

So, if you’re executing a relocation this pandemic, below are the best moving apps you can use to guarantee a seamless transition:

With everything that’s going on around the world, organizing a move can be very challenging, considering the restrictions being imposed by your local government authorities. Thankfully, organizing your upcoming move doesn’t need to be overwhelming with the help of the Move Advisor app. This innovative software can be a great partner in terms of keeping track of your tasks. 

For instance, Move Advisor has amazing features that allow you to create a detailed moving timeline containing specific tasks and their corresponding timelines. Moreover, it can also prove beneficial when you’re searching for a reliable long-distance moving company. Instead of visiting the physical offices of your options, you can use this application to get a list of your potential movers. As a result, you don’t have to expose yourself to the risk of COVID-19 infection, thereby making your relocation safer and more efficient. 

  • OfferUp 

When you’re relocating, there’s a high chance that you’ll need to come across your stuff to determine which items will be transported with you and which ones will be left behind. Typically, your move can provide you with an opportunity to declutter and dispose of the things you no longer need and use. 

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However, the process of purging down all your possessions doesn’t end there. While you may have stuff that should be junked, you may also have belongings that can still be used by other people. Fortunately, with the help of the OfferUp application, you can get rid of those unnecessary items more easily and quickly. 

Instead of holding a garage sale outside your house which may be unsafe during this pandemic, you can use this software to sell your second-hand stuff online. All you need to do is take some photos of your possessions, post them to the platform along with the price and description, and wait for a potential buyer to ping you. 

  • Sortly 

Indeed, there are several relocation tasks that you can’t simply avoid. These can include packing up all your belongings before the moving day arrives. However, it’s essential to note that packing can be a tedious undertaking, especially if you have to do this on your own and during a pandemic. Since the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for a long period of time, it’s important to do this task in the fastest time possible.

Luckily, by installing the Sortly application into your mobile phone, you’ll be on your way toward becoming a packing pro and completing this undertaking as quickly as possible. With this application on your side, you can streamline the packing process from beginning to end. For instance, you can do the following tasks using the Sortly software:

  • Capturing photos of your possessions and make a visual inventory of them;
  • Grouping the items based on whatever method you want. These can include by category, location, box, room, value, and many more;
  • Creating a detailed moving checklist to help you keep on track;
  • Generating QR code labels for your boxes if you’re a premium account holder of this app. 

As you can see, there are many ways Sortly can be beneficial for your packing needs. But if you think your whole packing job will be best handled by professionals during these tough times, then it’s time to hire a professional Moving Company NYC or wherever you may be located. They can help you pack all your stuff with ease and without trouble. 

  • Handy

In addition to decluttering and packing, moving to a new location also requires you to clean your new home before your arrival. This is where the use of the Handy application enters into the picture. With this moving software, you can hire a move-in cleaning professional who can do the job for you.

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Instead of worrying about going to your new place to clean your new place, you can let some cleaning professionals do it for you. Doing this can help you prevent the risk of COVID-19 infection. 

The Bottom Line 

Indeed, relocating can be a tough job, especially during these challenging times. But despite the challenges that may come along the way, technology will always be there to make the entire moving process much less of a hassle. 

Therefore, if you want to ensure a seamless transition, consider downloading these relocation applications and you’re good to go. 

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