Natural Nail Polish: Care for Your Nails the Better Way

Natural Nail Polish: Care for Your Nails the Better Way

Natural Nail Polish: Care for Your Nails the Better Way There’s something about clean, well-groomed nails that makes a person look perfectly put together. This doesn’t just apply to women – men can enjoy better times too if their nails are beautifully cleaned.

When you think of nail care and grooming, you’ll probably envision people lounging inside nail salons, checking out the prettiest natural nail polish they can find. But do you know you can care for your nails just as well in the comfort of your own home and with your own hands?


What Is “Natural” in Nail Care?

Simply put, “natural” means refusing to let your nails undergo harsh chemical treatments that can prove to be more damaging than helping. This includes using nail polishes that contain harmful chemicals like Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), among others, to prolong its staying power on your nails. Like your virgin hair and once baby-like skin, your nails are naturally beautiful, to begin with, so don’t take that for granted.

If your nails are still in tip-top, natural shape, then good for you. However, if you think your nails have come past the point of no return, don’t worry. Start a natural nail care routine today, and in a few weeks, you’ll find your nails in a better state than ever.

Tips to Start a Healthier Nail Care Routine

  1. Moisturise

Washing hands regularly and putting on sanitizers is the right thing to do. However, these disinfecting routines often leave your hands dry, and you want to avoid that since dryness isn’t included in the signs of having healthy nails.

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Whenever you finish disinfecting your hands, grab a hand cream and give your hands a relaxing massage. Pay extra attention to your cuticles and fingertips, too. You can also try rubbing cuticles or coconut oil gently on both your fingers and toenails.

2. Cuticles? Leave Them

Having healthy, intact cuticles is also another sign of healthy nails. Cutting your cuticles does more harm to the overall growth of your nails. Cuticles are an extension of the living skin, and they do a good job of preventing bacterial infection.

Again, your nails are beautiful, to begin with – cuticle and all! If it bothers you, you can do a little gentle pushing after moisturizing your cuticles.

3. Nails and Water Don’t Mix

Your nails like some good oil massage. It makes sense that they don’t favour water. As much as possible, spend less time dipping your nails in water. This may mean wearing rubber gloves when washing dishes and not doing the finger comb when your hair is wet.

4. Treat Your Nails Gently

Treat your nails as well as how you treat your hair and skin. Please don’t use them as alternative tools in opening a soda can or anything of the sort. You should also be wary of removing the piled-up dirt underneath your growing nails, as this can cause bacterial infection when the nail plate gets separated from the bed.

Apply gel polish sparingly and when you do, remove them properly. The mindless peeling of your nail polish can peel even the very layers of your nail plate, thus weakening your nails.

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5. Reconsider Your Nail Care Products

Choose nail care products that are gentle to your nails. For instance, use glass or crystal nail files to shape your nails. Is there dirt lying underneath them? Use a soft nail brush or even a spare toothbrush instead of a sharp tool.

If you want pretty, sparkling nails, opt for a natural nail polish that is safe and non-toxic. Getting tired of coloured nails? You can also always choose acetone-free nail polish removers, which are gentler to your nails!

The secret to healthy-looking nails is right there on your fingertips. All puns aside, having healthy, beautiful nails are possible with the right knowledge and safe products and tools at hand. It doesn’t need to be expensive, and you certainly don’t need to be a nail expert in caring for your nails.

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