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5 Tips for New Sellers on eBay That Successful Sellers Follow

Tips for New Sellers on eBay That Successful Sellers Follow: eBay is one of the most established online merchant sites that has helped a lot of business owners to sell their products online. eBay offers endless possibilities for e-commerce owners to list their products and also offers various seller benefits.

eBay serves millions of customers globally, giving your product a wider reach. This level of exposure offers you a limitless possibility to sell your product. eBay charges different seller fees for a different region. You can check with their website to know what are eBay seller fees in your region.

It is easy to list your product on eBay and the platform is very user-friendly. If you are looking to list your products online you just have to visit their website and in a few easy steps, you can get your products on eBay. They guide you with all your queries and questions from “What are eBay seller fees?” to ”How to receive payment from eBay?”.

If you are new to listing your products on merchant sites, here are a few tips that will help you make the most of the platform


5 Tips for Selling on eBay

Review Similar Listing

If you are not sure how much to price your products, check out similar listings. This will give you an idea about how your competitors are pricing their products. This will also give you an idea of how to position your products, communication to maintain. Analyzing similar listings can give you a lot of insights about selling your products successfully.

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Treat Your Customers Right

eBay or any merchant websites value user experience above anything. They want to make sure that a user gets what they want and is enjoying being on their site.

eBay offers special discounts for sellers if their product is loved by the consumer. Strive to deliver your products within 3 days and work towards complete customer satisfaction.

Make sure you respect your customer. Write accurate product descriptions, include your disclaimer, and transfer policies in the same. Address customer concerns and queries as soon as possible so that the buyer does not escalate it to eBay.

Share Your Listing On Social Media

You can post your product pictures on Instagram with the listing details or share the link on Facebook. This will make your audience and followers aware of your products.

Sharing your product listing on social media increases the reach. When more people come across your product listing, there is a higher chance of a conversion. Your followers are more likely to purchase from the listing as they already know you and they look at you as a trustable source.

Optimize Product Description for SEO

Your product descriptions play a huge role in search engine optimization. Your product details should be as descriptive of the product as possible.

Make sure you include every detail about the product so that the buyer can make an informed decision. Include keywords in your description so that you rank in the search results.

To do this list down the keywords a buyer will search for when they are looking for a product like yours. Include these keywords in your description without making it obvious.

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Take Quality Photos

A customer will want to look at the pictures of the product to make an informed decision. Upload photos that are at the right dimensions and are the closest depiction of your products.

The minimum image dimensions s 500*500 pixels and the maximum image dimensions for product photos are 9000×9000 pixels. eBay recommends you to use an image of 1600*1600 pixels for better resolution.

Avoid using stock photos as they might not look authentic and usage of copyrighted images can cause legal problems. Instead of relying on stock photos or product images taken directly from a company website, use original photography.

Shoot your product from different angles in a neutral background. Upload pictures with the dimensions of your product so that the buyer gets a clear idea of the size.

Gain Your Customers Trust

Maintain a positive seller reputation to make your products sell. It is important to gain your customer’s trust for them to buy a product.

Make sure you establish trust and present yourself as a legitimate resource. Because at the end of the day one does not buy something from a source that they do not trust.

eBay has been a bridge between the buyers and sellers for years. A lot of buyers find the platform beneficial for their business. You can make the most of the platform if you do it right. Read the policies and guidelines and make sure you follow them for the smooth functioning of the relationship.

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