Online Classes and Matriculation: All You Need to Know

Online Classes and Matriculation: All You Need to Know

The sudden outbreak of coronavirus has hampered our mental and physical health and has affected the GDP and Education system of the whole world. It has led to the sudden shutdown of schools, colleges, and universities. As a consequence, Students all over the world have suffered a lot. This pandemic has led to the cancellation of many exams like boards, Entrance exams for universities, admissions in schools, etc.

To overcome this situation, many necessary measures have been taken by the government. The government and Educational Authorities have taken essential steps that will help students continue their studies during this pandemic.

The government has introduced online teaching methods for the students to receive sufficient knowledge of their respective class courses. Online teaching and learning are probably some of the best measures taken by the government for the well-being of the students. It has mainly been beneficial to those students who are going to appear on boards.

Online Classes and Matriculation: All You Need to Know

Not only have schools started online classes for their students, but also many institutions have started online coaching for the betterment of the success of students. This online teaching platform has received huge acceptance from students all over the world. If you are wondering the reason behind such wide acceptance worldwide, stay tuned till last.

How Online Teaching is Beneficial for the Students

It would not be wrong to say that mobile phones have become our best friend and best tutor with the advancement in technology. All thanks to online teaching platforms. Online classes have changed the old school education system and have introduced a new vision of how education should be perceived.

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It is the mixture of education and virtual reality which has helped in the overall development of the students. Students are now able to understand their chapters very nicely.

It has been said that to score a good mark in your 10th board, a planned, structured study plan is essential. So! Doing online classes will provide you a structured program along with all the necessary elements.

In online classes, students can reach their tutors more effectively and efficiently. They can do it by sending emails or through chat groups, video meetings, voting, or document sharing. Online teaching has also helped those students who do not prefer to join the classroom. In addition, what’s great about online education is that it gives you the flexibility to attend the classes. All you need is a good and speedy internet connection and a smartphone to start your online preparations for boards. Students can access their course 24hrs a day from any device.

Listed below are some of the advantages of online learning:

  • Convenience- You can access your online class 24/7.
  • Enhanced Learning- It has been seen that students studying in online classes have more retention than regular classes.
  • Interaction: students in online classes can easily interact with the teachers. Even it is more beneficial for shy students.
  • Innovative Teaching- Online classes offer you an interactive and creative way of teaching.
  • Savings: students can easily save their classes, documents, and pdfs.
  • Question Bank- Students who are in 10th need to practice question banks. Online classes give you access to all previous year’s questions that might help you score a good mark.
  • Test Series- In online classes, various test series are held at a regular interval. It helps students to analyze the preparation.
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It has been seen that there has been a sudden increase in the number of students passing boards. Not only this, an overall rise in marks have been seen this year as compared to the earlier one. Also, online teaching platforms are equally beneficial for the teachers as well. It works to lessen the burden of the teachers.

Since all the process is online, it has become relatively easier to maintain a track record of attendance, project submission, assignment submission, and many more. According to the report, the overall passing percentage of the students who appeared in class 10th board is 99.04%.which is quite a good number.


In all ways, online classes seem to be more effective than regular classes. Students are seen to be more attracted to online courses than the normal ones. Students can quickly clear their doubts and can score good marks. In no time, online classes have become a popular choice among students.

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