Passover Travel - what is a Passover Program? everything you need to know

Passover Travel – what is a Passover Program? everything you need to know

Passover travel is a destination vacation during one of the holiest of Jewish holidays. It is a time when you get to leave the confines of your home/town/state/country and embrace some of the wonders God created in other areas.

Passover Programs

Passover programs are strictly regulated accommodations designed so that a Jewish traveler during Passover will not have to worry about the Chametz in the location they are staying or the food they are eating. Chametz is strictly forbidden during Passover and Jewish observers want to be certain they are not breaking with tradition.

These programs make certain that their kitchens are purified and free of anything that has been used to prepare leavened food. The dishes are pure, the pots and pans are pure, and the kitchen staff will include a Jewish rabbi or authority to oversee the preparation of the food as required by Jewish law.

The food that is served is normally prepared by a chef that knows the intricacies of seasoning food so that you never miss the Chametz during your stay.

Passover Programs are Normal All-Inclusive

When you enroll in a Passover program for your holiday vacation you will more than likely find out that the package includes your rooms, your food, your drinks, and the entertainment and activities.

You do not have to worry about the children drinking too many sodas, or paying for each individual snack. Most of the programs even cover the cost of the wine you drink at the Seder meal and throughout your stay.

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The seder meal is the most important meal of the Pesach holiday. It is critical for it to be done properly. This meal takes hours to prepare and hours to serve properly.

Passover Programs know te importance of the Seder and they make sure that you have the opportunity to have a seder meal according to your wishes.

Some hotels offer just a meal in the main dining room where all of the Passover guests join together to celebrate this auspicious occacion.

Some hotels offer both the meal in the main dining room or a private meal that is prepared and served to just your family. There is always a rabbi to lead all of the prayers and readings, and many people find these seder meals more engaging and fulfilling than the ones they have at home.

You do not have to worry about cleaning out the house, shopping for the food, cooking the food, or serving and cleaning up after the meal. All of this is taken care of for you.


Entertainment and activities are a huge part of the Passover programs. Entertainers, musicians, comics, and performers are hired to put on private shows for the Passover program guests. You can leave the hotel and go into the local towns and villages and experience their activities or you can stay on the resort grounds and enjoy the entertainment offered.

The entertaining shows performed for the Passover guests are normally included in the price of the program. You do not have to worry about extra costs of shows or booking entertainment.

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Children’s Programs

Children’s programs are usually included in a Passover program. The children’s programs include education and simply fun activities that will entertain your children while they are at the hotel.

The children can learn more about their Jewish heritage, they can enjoy activities that are monitored and supervised, and while they are doing this you are free to go enjoy activities you want to do.

Most children’s programs are designed for children between the ages of 3 and 12.

Children’s Dinner

You will find that most of the Passover programs offer a children’s dinner hour earlier than what the adult meals are4 served. They understand that children get hungry earlier and they often are tired and need to go to bed before the adult meal is served.

You will also find that babysitters are normally offered so they can stay in the room with your children, watch television with them, and make sure your kids are safe while you enjoy your adult meals and a little entertainment.

Lunches to Go

Many of the Passover programs offer to pack the guests a lunch that they can carry with them when they leave the resort grounds to explore the local area. The lunch is a part of the program cost and you will be sure that it fits into your dietary needs and restrictions.

Snacks and Tea Time

You will find snacks are offered and an afternoon tea time so you can relax and reenergize with a light snack. Many of the hotels even offer all room service meals included in the price of the package so if you get hungry at midnight you can quickly order provisions.

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Fun Features

The resorts and hotels have fun features like pools, golf courses, spas, tennis courts, basketball courts, and other engaging activities the guest will have fun doing. It is almost impossible to get bored while using a Passover Program.

Final Thoughts

You could say that a Passover program allows you to take your vacation without all of the worry, planning, or hassle. The resorts have done the work for you and all you have to do is go have fun.

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