PDF to PPT: Guide on Converting Files Online

PDF to PPT: Guide on Converting Files Online

Nowadays, almost everything depends on technology, most especially in the business world. Files are very important in doing business transactions. With the help of electronic documents, work became effortless from creating ideas to presenting them.

PDF, PPT, and DOCX are the most accessible document formats used in business. They are commonly created with Microsoft Office, or sometimes with other word processing programs. The most used format for business presentations is PPT or PPTX. It is a collection of slides to create a show for a meeting.

What if you have a PDF file? Can it be turned into a PPT? Yes, every document can be converted to whatever you like. A bunch of platforms offer document conversion. PDFBEAR is one of the best online document converters available. The following are the steps on PDF to PPT conversion, reasons for converting, and the advantages of using PDFBEAR.


How to Convert PDF to PPT?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, is a collection of compressed images with highly flexible accessibility. It is commonly used for combining multiple document slides. On the other hand, PPT is a file extension created by MS PowerPoint used to present slide shows for educational and work purposes. Below is a guide on how to convert PDF to PPT.

Drag & Drop

First off, visit the PDFBEAR website. Find and select PDF to PPT. Drag your files and drop them to the designated area on the webpage. Alternatively, click the ‘Select Files’ button and choose the file you want to upload.


After uploading your files, click the ‘Convert!’ button to start the PDF to PPT conversion. After the process, you can either modify the file by choosing the options available or straight up to save your document.


The last step is to download your file. To do this, click the ‘Download’ button to save the PDF to your device. You can also click share if you wish to put it in your Google Drive or Dropbox. These steps are super easy, and even first-timers will not sweat. Plus, downloading the PDF file is 100% free.

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Why Convert Files from PDF to PPT?

There are many document presentations in business, such as annual sales, new projects, growth income, and many more. The perfect way to present this is through a PPT slideshow. It provides a greater visual impact that improves the audience’s focus and attention.

The Advantages of Using PDFBEAR for Conversion


PDFBEAR is compatible with Android devices and computers running any kind of operating system. It is highly accessible and very easy to use. This platform provides excellent service with its partnership with Solid Documents. Your PDF file will turn into a PPT presentation with just a few clicks away.


Privacy always comes first in terms of uploading your files online. Well, PDFBEAR assures that the safety and encryption of your data will be its topmost priority. All files uploaded from its server will be deleted after only an hour. They ensure that your conversion is secured and worry-free.

Quality Assurance

PDFBEAR’s partnership with Solid Documents assures you that your file will maintain its quality and integrity. They manage to provide world-class service and offer the best PDF to PPT conversions. It gives a reliable and applause-worthy service, plus, it is completely free.


PDFBEAR is one of the best online document converters out there. You can always use this platform, whether you are doing some homework, studying at school, or working. With its service, converting your PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation has never been easier.

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