Why People Are Preferring Customised Granny Flats?

Why People Are Preferring Customised Granny Flats?

More and more people are opting for customised granny flats as secondary housing units on their properties. Granny flats, also known as accessory dwelling units (ADUs), provide extra independent living spaces that can be used in various ways. As per experts like Granny Flat Solutions, the demand for granny flats is driven by several factors that make customization an attractive option.


Cost Savings

Prefabricated granny flats can be more affordable, but custom builds allow homeowners to get the features they truly want. Although customized granny flats have higher upfront costs, they add more value to properties in the long run. Homeowners can build units suited to their needs rather than accepting whatever comes in a standardized kit. The flexibility of customization enables getting the most out of the investment.

Design Flexibility

With a customized granny flat, homeowners can dictate the design aesthetics. They can opt for materials, colors, layouts and architectural styles aligned with their main home for a cohesive look. Customization allows granny flats to blend seamlessly into the property rather than stick out as an obvious addition. The flexibility ensures the secondary unit looks like a natural extension of the home.

Use-Case Optimization

Since granny flats have multiple potential uses – housing aging parents, accommodating boomerang kids, creating rental income, setting up home offices or gyms etc. – customization enables homeowners to optimize the layout, fittings and features per their intended application. They can configure it as per a senior’s accessibility needs or a youngster’s connectivity requirements or a tenant’s expectations. The right customization provides the best utility.

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Compliance Management

Rules around granny flats regarding aspects like maximum areas, setbacks, height limits etc. vary across regions. Custom designed granny flats allow homeowners to adhere to the compliance criteria in their locality right from the planning stage. Local area constructability norms can be incorporated into the tailored design upfront rather than requiring changes later to standardized kits.

Plot Optimization

Every property has unique contours and dimensions. A custom-designed granny flat allows maximum utilization of the available backyard or side plot area within permitted limits. Standard factory templates may not always align well with the site or allow taking full advantage of permissible square footages. Customization extracts the optimal potential from the space at hand.

Personalization Options

For those wanting granny flats as extensions of their main living spaces for visiting family or guests, customization allows incorporating unique touches that reflect personal styles and branding. Even structural changes like extra windows, skylights, environmentally friendly building materials or smart home technologies can be integrated from the ground up rather than adapting to what comes in pre-fab units.


Since granny flats represent long-term investments, customization provides the assurance that ongoing renovation needs are minimized. Deficiencies or limitations in factory kit specifications that could necessitate upgrades can be addressed proactively with tailored construction. Components can be specified to higher grades suited to long lifespans rather than settling for standard pre-fab fittings.


With expanding urban densities leading to smaller core family homes, self-contained spaces like granny flats are gaining popularity across demographics. The flexibility to customize these independent units as per individual requirements rather than accepting generic factory kits provides greater value in enhancing and future-proofing properties. Granny flat customization encapsulates the trend towards personalized secondary housing aligned with the needs of homeowners.

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The freedom to dictate the final form and functions based on intended usage, personal tastes, site specifics and localized statutory norms makes customized granny flats a better value-add compared to one-size-fits-all factory kits. It lets homeowners stamp their identity firmly on these independent spaces. With the right floor plans and fittings, tailored granny flats can either blend seamlessly into residential plots or stand out distinctly as contemporary extensions – representing the exact possibilities that customization facilitates.