The Perfect Men’s Shoes for All Occasions

The Perfect Men’s Shoes for All Occasions

Footwear is often the first thing a person notice about us. The saying first impression is the best impression is well known. So, you will not want to go wrong in this section of your attire.

When we say men’s footwear, what comes to your mind? Mostly, formal wear, crocs, and flip flops. There is so much more to the footwear range for men ranging from simple sneakers to those leather shoes for men. In this article, we have put together some shoes that will help you to ease through any occasion.

Choose the right shoe

Before we go into the details of the different types of shoes, we will look at a few tips to choose the right pair for the right occasion. Imagine yourself dressed for a formal evening event, but you have paired them with your casual shoes.

Choosing the right pair can be a daunting task, given the options available. SOFA Method is a helpful way to pick the correct pair.

The most obvious thing while picking footwear is that we want to be comfortable in it as well as look good in them. SOFA is an acronym for the season, occasion, formality, and activity. Using these four, you can pick your pair

  • Season: The weather must be considered for the shoes you are to wear. Summer gives you the opportunity to go with light and breezy footwear, and for winters, you would need more robust ones.
  • Occasion: A wedding needs you to dress differently, and an office meeting will require a different outfit with those leather shoes for men. So, the footwear required will also vary.
  • Formality: This indicates the level of formality one needs to have. The event could either be a casual hang-out or a proper black-tie party.
  • Activity: This is the type of activity you will be doing in those shoes. It could be a simple run or a hard hike, a dance party, or a day at the beach.
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Shoes for all occasions

As promised, we can now look into the options available for every occasion we can think of.

  • Everyday choice

Most of our everyday lives are at work. It is a formal place that mandates formal attire. Picking the shoes for these is easy. The formal leather shoes for men section at the store will lay out a lot of options. Own a comfortable pair in black and in the shade of brown. Match the belt and your shoe colour for the day. The formal shoes can be with laces or as slip-ons. They can be round-ended or pointed.

  • Suit and tie

Before we get into the shoe type, it is worthwhile to note that pairing the shoe colour with the suit colour is crucial. If there is a mismatch, you may come across as incompetent. Compatible shoe colours for a Navy suit are brown or black. Likewise, for a charcoal suit, pick black or burgundy. For a suit and tie day, Black cap-toe Oxfords are the best. The days you want to come across as smooth and confident, these shoes help to get that look.

  • Family time

A Sunday lunch or the dinner date with your better half, and you are wondering what to pair your attire with. Brogues must be your choice. They are the perfect mate for these occasions. They are as non-fussy as it gets.

  • Friends time

Friends mostly catch up unplanned. Even though they are not going to judge you, you will not want to be dressed badly. Sneakers are the best companion to laze around with friends while catching up. A white sneaker or a half denim one can almost pair up with all the casuals you have. Desert boots are another stylish option. They are both comfortable and trust us, making many heads turn.

  • Vacations
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Vacation and Loafer shoes for men go hand in hand. They are like best friends on a trip. Flip flops are never sufficient, contrary to popular belief. You always do not go to the beach. Sturdy footwear that is casual as well is needed for vacations, and Loafer shoes for men fit the bill. Espadrilles are also another option. Being all day wearing shoes, Espadrilles are breathable without revealing your feet.

More to consider

Apart from occasion-wise, we have also briefed upon shoes that we feel are a must-have in your wardrobe, like the trainers, chukka boot, service boots, dress boot, Chelsea boot, driving shoe, and a few others that fall in the category of leather shoes for men. Keeping comfort in mind, there are many options available for men to play around with as you can now get quality products at the best price. The right shoes take your wardrobe style up by a notch, and trust us, you will end up with an air of confidence to pull off the look.

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