Planning to move into a new state? Get to know this important checklist!!!

Planning to move into a new state? Get to know this important checklist!!!

Have you decided to move to the new state? If yes, then there are numerous numbers of tasks that you have to perform for a successful move. The top-rated state to state movers associated with Pricing Van Lines explains that moving from a place where you have lived for numerous years is one of the most difficult jobs to do because there are numerous numbers of items that you get accumulated over the years. Just the thought can make you feel stressed that you have to pack your entire home and have to move it into a large vehicle to a new place and when you have to do it in real then you should be ready to perform a lot of tasks.

Shifting from one place to another requires a lot of tasks to do but when it is an interstate move then the list of the tasks increases and you need to pay more attention to everything. Only preparing a checklist could save you and your time. Having the right checklist in your hands helps you to complete the jobs without any confusion and at the right time. If you want to have an idea then here you will get the ideas to prepare your checklist.


Look for a packing and moving company:

It is hard to move out of the state without the help of professional removalists. When deciding to hire a packing and moving company make sure that it is experienced and reliable. Do look for reviews and ratings given by customers and Better Business Bureau on the official website of different moving companies. It is recommended to get price quotes from at least three or four moving companies so that you can hire movers according to your budget. See to it that movers perform in-person or video inspections of your belongings before providing the price estimate.

Visit a new state or city:

Before you move to the new state it is highly recommended that you visit there. This way you can know about the facilities in your new neighborhood and can get a good feel for the place. See to it if the area in which you want to live is safe or not. If you are moving with your children then you will need to search for the best school for them. Visit different schools and select the best one which is nearby the location where you are going to live. Once the new school for your kids is selected, inform the current school and procure necessary educational records and certificates.

Prepare a budget:

It is not cheap to move out of the state. Keeping in mind the high rates of moving companies, you might want to go with a DIY move for which you will need to pay for packers, rented trucks, moving containers, moving materials, and many other expenses. Moving cost is one that depends on different factors such as moving distance, the volume of belongings, and moving time. To prepare a moving budget you should know how much you are willing and able to pay. Then it is time to list all necessary moving expenses and keep an extra amount of money aside in case of any unexpected expenses.

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Start sorting and packing the items as earlier as possible:

Make sure that you start sorting your stuff four or five weeks before the actual moving date. Keep aside those items that you want to carry with you at your new place and purge out the unwanted items through donation or selling them. When you are done with sorting items then start packing the needed stuff. Pack all essential documents in a separate bag.

Additional important things to do: 

  • Notify all the utility companies about your move before the actual moving day. Nobody wants to pay for the subscription of the utilities even when one would not be present there to use it.
  • Start the process of changing your mailing address so that you don’t miss any important mail or any important document received at your old address.
  • Make sure you get prepared for the actual moving day and prepare a separate bag with all the essentials such as mattresses, medicines, sanitizer, one pair of clothes and so on which you think you will require during a long-distance journey and to spend one night at your new home.
  • One of the most important things to do for living in the new state is to update the driver’s license and vehicle registration. All the driving rules and regulations are usually different in different states and that is why you need to update all your important documents according to the new policies in the new state.

Bottom line: 

Now, you have the checklist prepared with you and you have to follow it without any confusion. You can also customize the same according to your specific move because every move is unique. When moving to a different state, you must prepare for the change and this guide will help you in your endeavor.

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