Is It Possible to Sell A House That Needs Repairs?

Is It Possible to Sell A House That Needs Repairs?

Selling a house can be a tough challenge and anyone who has done it would tell you a long list of things that you need to take care of. If you are trying to sell a house that needs repairs and has components missing or incomplete, then you might have an even tougher time. Many people will tell you that selling a house that needs repairs is simply impossible. However, that is truly not the case, and here are a few things that you should take care of before going ahead and putting your house on the market.


Make the House Look Good

Everyone believes that first impressions are everything and that is true for houses as well. If your property does not attract the eye of a customer then the chances of them exploring it reduce drastically. Therefore, for a house that needs repairs, the first thing you should do is make it look clean. It is quite common for damaged properties to be neglected and you will probably have a load of garbage lying around. Clean the front of the house completely and dispose of all the useless junk lying around. Get a gardener to work on your front yard and even add a few things for aesthetics, thereby making the place look fresh.

Do Work on The Small Stuff

You may choose to leave aside any large repair projects, but you should still work on anything that you can do yourself or temporarily fix the problems. This can include a wide range of things and depend on your specific property, you can decide which of these can be done easily and which would need time and professional help.

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Some of the things include patching walls and floors, cleaning the toilets and bathtubs, fixing doors and windows that are misaligned, patching leaking pipes, adding new caulking where needed, etc. In addition to that, you can add some things for looks as well, like missing knobs for cabinets, grout application, and washing carpets where possible.

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Identify Key Selling Features

Regardless of the condition that your house may be in, if you have designed it well, you will always use that as a selling feature. Identify key parts of your home that you can get praise for, like a wide enough hallway, decent garage space, well-planned attic space, and other parts of the structure that add function and comfort to the living experience. Inside aesthetics are usually never a selling point as any buyer can change those things to their liking and there is not much value given to those things anyway. Look at your floor plan and go through your house to find as many positive points as possible and highlight them to the buyers.

Sell for a Good Price

A good price is not something that you can figure out easily and you see that immediately once you put your house on the market. No one wants to sell it for too little, so everyone wants a high value, and if you put too high a value, no one will buy it. Survey the market yourself as a buyer and look for houses that are in a similar condition to yours. See what prices they are going for and then ask a realtor to give their opinion as well. Use this information to come up with a reasonable price that people would accept readily.


With the right attitude and planning, you can sell pretty much anything. This also applies to your house and by using the points listed here, you can easily figure out what you need to do to maximize your chances of making a sale.

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