Children’s oral hygiene is an integral part of their everyday health and well-being. For Brisbanites, a Children’s Dentist in Brisbane can do a better job of looking through their children’s teeth and making sure they’re in good condition. Besides taking a doctor’s appointment, there are certain steps that parents should encourage children to take at a young age to practice better oral hygiene.

Better dental education among children in Australia has allowed 69% of kids between the ages of 5 and 14 to practice good oral hygiene by brushing their teeth twice daily.

Oral Hygiene Practices For Kids:

  • Use pea-sized amounts of toothpaste for brushing; it shouldn’t last any more than a few minutes.
  • Make sure the child spits out the paste after brushing.
  • Help the child learn how to floss and brush properly so that a proper foundation can be set for future habits to take hold.
  • Visit a dentist once every six months and make dental appointments a priority.
  • Kids with braces should floss regularly to prevent the formation of white spots on teeth.
  • Those who are interested in sports should be made to wear mouth guards to prevent injuries.

Making Oral Hygiene Fun:

Parents should take steps to ensure that oral hygiene is taught to children in a fun and exciting way and not force it on them.

  • Let the kids choose their toothbrush and toothpaste having their favorite color or character.
  • Please encourage them to read books, watch videos or learn about various oral health practices.
  • Plan dental visits in such a way as to make them fun and exciting and never dull and scary.
  • Always set a timer or play a song to keep track of the kids brushing times.
  • Reward the kids when they finish their daily brushing by giving them healthy fruits or snacks after an hour.
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Some Things To Consider Before Selecting The Right Paediatric Dentist:

  1. Special Training: Pediatric dentists should have enough experience working around children, so they know how to make them feel safe and comfortable. They should also receive qualifications for treating children with special needs.
  2. The Room Environment: Is the place the dentist works fun and exciting for kids? This is an important factor as kids should feel warm and welcome, not scared. The doctors and the staff should be supportive, and the rooms should be bright and cheerful. Such an environment’s main aim is to allow the doctors to bond with their little patients so they don’t have a frightening experience.
  3. Doctors Should Take A Preventive Approach: Children can be clumsy and irregular with their oral hygiene practices. This can lead to the formation of plaques and cavities that could be avoided. So finding a doctor that understands the oral anatomy of children is imperative. One should only consult the best Children’s Dentist in Brisbane to recognize symptoms before they become more problematic.
  4. Consultation: The best way to observe all the factors mentioned above is during the consultation. Is the dentist competent? Is the environment friendly, and does the child feel safe and comfortable? If everything ticks off correctly, then the child is in good hands, and there’s nothing to worry about.

It is important to note that a child’s oral care routine starts with their parents. Any incompetency can lead to a cascade of dental problems that can be annoying and have a lifelong impact on the kids. Parents should educate themselves on various oral hygiene practices to teach them more effectively to their kids.

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