How to protect your bitcoin investments?

How to protect your bitcoin investments?

The Crypto industry has been into the trend for the past few years, but some people are still confused about cryptocurrencies. It’s been the hottest trend nowadays, but many people avoid it because of its volatile market. The exchange of digital currencies is subjected to cyber attacks that include malicious attacks, hacks, and theft. The result of malicious hacks is that a considerable number of digital currencies are missing today. Bitcoin network is anonymous, and the hackers that attack digital coins tend to disappear in the internet space and hide their identities.

The story of hackers has become common, and it has discouraged many investors who were active in the crypto space because they have lost their funds. The crypto space is growing at a tremendous pace, and hacking activities are also increasing. Investors need to be attentive while securing their funds and must take proper security measures to protect their bitcoins. They need to stay updated about all the news and events in the crypto world, and you can read all the information from

Public and Private Keys

Most of the investors prefer to buy the leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum through crypto exchanges. The exchanges are the online platforms that take proper preventive measures to prevent hacks and thefts, but even after taking security precautions, exchanges aren’t immune to cyberattacks.

The best way to secure your funds is by securing your digital wallet. There are two main types of digital wallets that include cold wallets and hold wallets. Hot wallets are the wallets connected to the internet, whereas cold wallets aren’t connected to the internet. Each bitcoin wallet is connected to a private key that acts as a password or a secret key that decrypts the wallets and provides users access.


The hardware wallets are best for the storage of bitcoins, and these are effective against hacks and theft. The significant risk is losing the private keys, and if one loses the private key, they lose the ownership of their bitcoins and will never be able to recover their funds. The best hardware wallets are Trezor, Keepkey, and more.

What are the other types of bitcoin wallets?

Some people are still doubtful about hardware wallets on how a physical device or hardware device can store digital currencies, but these wallets are the best and most secure online wallets. Digital wallets are way different from physical wallets. Online wallets use private keys to secure the wallets that cannot be recovered; therefore, it is imperative to secure your private key in a secure and safe place.

There are desktop and paper wallets that we will read about in this article other than hardware wallets. Desktop wallets aren’t directly connected to the internet, but they allow users to store private keys at any place and can only be used on a computer or desktop on which it is installed. Paper wallets are online wallets that generate private keys and bitcoin wallet addresses on paper by printing the keys. These are the most straightforward wallets that help in sending and receiving coins by scanning the QR codes.

These are the ways to store digital coins but do you know where you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies? Crypto exchanges are the marketplaces that are specially built platforms that allow users to sell and buy cryptocurrencies. Let us learn more about crypto exchanges.


Digital crypto exchanges

The crypto transactions can only take place through crypto exchanges. These are the online platforms that allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat currencies. The crypto experts advise people to avoid holdings or storing cryptocurrencies in an exchange because there are higher chances that exchanges get hacked. If exchanges get hacked, users will lose all their funds. Most of the crypto exchanges only allow specific digital currencies to be purchased and sold.

All the exchanges operate differently as some are centralized, and some are decentralized, and they offer different security features. Investors must avoid all risk associated with their digital coins and must secure their coins in digital wallets instead of crypto exchanges. The main focus of crypto exchanges is to provide a platform and not to provide security to its users.

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